Beer Gun Shoots Non-Lethal Doses Of Beverages

[Michalis Mavros] likes building things from steel. Guns are from steel. He and his friends also like action movies and beer. To address everybody’s needs [MakeItExtreme] style, he built a gigantic beer gun. At the size and caliber of a small field artillery cannon, the spectacular piece of art dispenses chilled pop cans for unsuspecting movie night visitors.

Inside of the 100 x 70 x 25 cm (39 x 28 x 10 inch) assembly crafted from welded steel and wood, [Michaelis] installed a motor scavenged from an automatic window opener. The motor actuates a slider on a linear track above the barrel, which transports the pop cans out of a spring-loaded magazine and dispenses them through the barrel. Limit switches on each end of the barrel, as well as one in the trigger, control the movement.

The gun also features an external ice-water reservoir, aptly camouflaged as a bullet, along with a pump that lets the ice water from the reservoir circulate through the magazine. As always on [MakeItExtreme], the result received a nice paint job to become a real eye-catcher. Enjoy the build video below!

Thanks to [Itay] for the tip!

9 thoughts on “Beer Gun Shoots Non-Lethal Doses Of Beverages

  1. I must say that I find that animated gif hilarious. :)
    Nice plasma cutter! Abused and therfore loved.

    Chain-drive delivery system made me smile; I was expecting the usual pneumatic system. Great job guys!

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