Robotic Glockenspiel And Hacked HDD’s Make Music

[bd594] likes to make strange objects. This time it’s a robotic glockenspiel and hacked HDD‘s. [bd594] is no stranger to Hackaday either, as we have featured many of his past projects before including the useless candle or recreating the song Funky town from Old Junk.

His latest project is quite exciting. He has incorporated his robotic glockenspiel with a hacked hard drive rhythm section to play audio controlled via a PIC 16F84A microcontroller. The song choice is Axel-F. If you had a cell phone around the early 2000’s you were almost guaranteed to have used this song as a ringtone at some point or another. This is where music is headed these days anyway; the sooner we can replace the likes of Justin Bieber with a robot the better. Or maybe we already have?


12 thoughts on “Robotic Glockenspiel And Hacked HDD’s Make Music

  1. It is called click bait. On YouTube Crazy Frog has 1/2 Billion views and Beverly Hills Cop has 500 Thousand views. It is not rocket science, you choose the name that everyone knows

  2. Nearly inaudible as is the case for most videos with a built in mic. Hard drive arm motors (V-C) would make a better hammer than servos. Much like what is in the percussion section, they can be loud or soft.

  3. There’s a program for the TI-99/4A that plays Axel-F, requires 32K, the Editor/Assembler cartridge and a floppy drive. Takes quite a while to load but has an animated loading screen to keep you entertained.

    It makes very good use of the noise functions of the SN94624 for the bass line.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t have an instant replay function because soon as the song is finished it exits and you have to go through the loading again to replay.

    Dunno why nobody has fired it up on an emulator to make a video to post on YouTube.

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