SHA 2017 Talk Schedule Revealed

It’s always an exciting moment when an event schedule is released, and since events in our community don’t come much larger than this August’s SHA Camp in the Netherlands, you can imagine that the announcement of their schedule of lectures of talks is something of an event in itself. The event runs over five days, and you can browse the schedule itself to make your picks.

The SHA team have made their own picks, but with so many stages and speakers they are only a tiny selection. Running a Hackaday eye over the schedule, here are the ones that caught our eye.

[Kliment] has a workshop, Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners, in which you assemble a 20€ surface-mount power supply kit. [Editor’s Note: We’ve seen this one live — you can do it!]

[dennisdebel]’s lecture, from glass fiber to fiber glass noodles caught our eye. Using mung bean vermicelli, or ‘glass noodles’, for data transmission, is not something you hear about every day.

If you are a regular at European hardware hacker camps, you may have encountered the chiptune extravaganza performances of [Gasman], otherwise known as [Matt Westcott]. Hie lecture, Zero to chiptune in one hour, will create, from scratch, a chiptune cover version of a pop song chosen by the audience, all on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

The Hackeboy handheld game console is a project from a small Hamburg-based indie game label.[Axel Theilmann] describes the process of building the handheld console they always dreamed of.

One of the final lectures of the event comes from [Niek Blankers], and will describe in detail the SHA2017 badge. How it was designed, and showcasing what some of the attendees will by then have managed to do with it.

Finally, if you want to see a Hackaday scribe talking about fun and games with little plastic bags of parts, you could do worse than seeking out From Project To Kit, all you will need to know about turning your personal electronic projects into a kit business.

Watch this space for more from SHA Camp as we get it. Meanwhile you can take a look at our coverage of the SHA2017 badge launch.

5 thoughts on “SHA 2017 Talk Schedule Revealed

  1. Hmmm, describing the badge as one of the final lectures.
    If the lecture was earlier, I think that would encourage (speed up) hacking of the badge,
    I guess that is a double edged sword, During the conference, users would be looking up stuff about the construction/capabilities of the badge instead of paying attention at lectures, and if given the information early on, they would be spending time hacking it… instead of paying attention at lectures.

    1. Well we intend (i’m doing the talk together with Niek) to do a review on the process of building the badge, have a few laughs at our stupidity and some cool warstories. Also we want to highlight the most awesome hacks and apps. It will be cool!

  2. I’ve done the workshop by Kliment. It was awsome and as lomg as you have fairly steady hands, everybody can do the workshop!
    I look forward to see these speakers, they all sounds cool.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I once had an almost-blind person successfully build the board, with a friend acting as his “eyes”, and that convinced me literally anyone can do it. For anyone that can’t make it to the “official” workshop, I’ll be running a bunch of extra sessions throughout the event in the Hardware Hacking Area at the Belgian Village as well.

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