7-Segment Digits Slide Stylishly On This OLED Clock

Over at Sparkfun, [Alex] shared an OLED clock project that’s currently in progress but has a couple interesting twists. The first is the use of a small OLED screen for each digit, to which [Alex] added a stylistic touch. Digits transition by having segments slide vertically in a smooth animated motion. It’s an attractive effect, and the code is available on his github repository for anyone who wants to try it out.

[Alex] also found that by using an ESP32 microcontroller and synchronizing the clock via NTP over WiFi, the added cost of implementing a real-time clock in hardware becomes unnecessary. Without an RTC, time would drift by a few seconds every day and require a reset. At the moment the clock requires the SSID and password to be hardcoded, but [Alex] would prefer to allow this to be configured via a web page and could use some help. If you have implemented a web server on the ESP32, [Alex] would like to know how you handled multiple pages. “I’ve been scratching my head throughout the build on how to get this done,” he writes. “With the ESP8266, there’s on(const String &uri, handler function), but that seems to have been removed on the ESP32.” If you can point [Alex] in the right direction, be sure to pipe up.

OLED displays and clocks often go together, as we have seen with projects like the DIY OLED Smart Watch, but it’s nice to see someone using the OLED’s strengths to add some visual flair to an otherwise plain display.

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    1. Which takes years, I can tell from the Ultimaker2 machines at our office (at ultimaker HQ) a few of them have burned in screens, all of those have been on for years. And none of them are really bad that it becomes unreadable.
      Those are also always at 100% brightness, lowering the brightness/contrast value would most likely increase the time till burnin.

  1. Anyone interested in a PAID PROJECT to build similar clock with larger digits to be used as a multi-region clock for a company?

    In our case we’d like to have 4 of these to display time in 4 countries. We can fabricate the enclosure to house. DST support would be nice to have. If if can be modified to also include day and date like Monday Feb 2, 2019, it would be the perfect clock.

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