Hackaday X Tindie Meetup In Dublin This Friday

Hackaday and Tindie are coming to Dublin at the end of this week. Join us on Friday night as we host a meetup in the company of our friends at TOG hackerspace. Please RSVP to tell us you’re coming.

This is a Bring-a-Hack style event, so come out for a casual meetup and bring a project to show off. It’s a great way to get conversation started and often the most amazing projects are the ones whose creators imagine them to be inconsequential. Keep them to a manageable size though, space may be at a premium.

We’ll supply beverages and light snacks to oil the wheels, and Hackaday Editors [Mike Szczys] and [Jenny List], Tindie Product Manager [Jasmie Brackett], and SupplyFrame Product Manager [Sophi Kravitz] will be on hand. It doesn’t matter what it is you’ve got to show us, whatever you have we’d love to see it. Thank you to TOG for opening their doors to this event!

Saturday is the Hackaday Dublin Unconference!

Act fast to grab one of the last five tickets to the Hackaday Dublin Unconference this Saturday. All tickets have been sold out, but a few people who had a ticket but are now unable to attend were nice enough to return them so that someone else may take their place. Everyone one who attends should be ready to give a 7-minute talk on what they’re excited about right now. We can’t get through everyone in one day so don’t worry if public speaking mortifies you (but still come prepared). We’ll do our best to get through a ton of presenters. We’ll have food and drink on hand and head to the pub afterward for those still standing that evening! Need proof that this is not to be missed? We did it in London last September and it was epic!

This is Hackaday’s first visit en masse to the Irish capital, and we’re looking forward to correcting that oversight and meeting the masses of our Irish readership. Thanks to the generous support of DesignSpark, the innovation arm of RS Components and the exclusive sponsor of the event, we hare happy to offer Hackaday Dublin Unconference free of charge to all who attend.

We’re excited about what will come from this weekend and are looking forward to it. See you soon!

4 thoughts on “Hackaday X Tindie Meetup In Dublin This Friday

    1. I suspect you should have been notified automatically by the ‘event system’, if you were registered for the the UNCON. I got an automatic notice last Friday, (via eventbrite…check junk folder??)

      Knowing that there are usually official/un-official meet-ups arranged, I also emailed “Do you have any Tindie specific events/topics, lined up?” earlier last week and got a heads up that they were waiting for confirmation on a venue. So from my perspective it all seems reasonable & well organised. …..and the 100% FOC aspect is difficult to complain about.

      If I was flying in for an event like this, I would have pinged the organisers “BEFORE” booking tickets…… :)

      1. Sorry, I got emotional, because I would really like to come, but plane tickets are getting super-expensive a few weeks before the flight, and it’s not possible for me to take a day off every time just in case there was something. I did this for Belgrade, because I remembered the last time, but this is my first time for the unconference, and I didn’t suspect anything (though checking the article from last year shows it was similar then). Again, sorry for overreacting, and see you on Saturday!

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