Semi-automated Winder Spins Rotors For Motors

What’s your secret evil plan? Are you looking for world domination by building a machine that can truly replicate itself? Or are you just tired of winding motor rotors and other coils by hand? Either way, this automated coil winder is something you’re probably going to need.

We jest in part, but it’s true that closing the loop on self-replicating machines means being able to make things like motors. And for either brushed or brushless motors, that means turning spools of wire into coils of some sort. [Mr Innovative]’s winder uses a 3D-printed tube to spin magnet wire around a rotor core. A stepper motor turns the spinner arm a specified number of times, pausing at the end so the operator can move the wire to make room for the next loop. The rotor then spins to the next position on its own stepper motor, and the winding continues. That manual step needs attention to make this a fully automated system, and we think the tension of the wire needs to be addressed so the windings are a bit tighter. But it’s still a nice start, and it gives us some ideas for related coil-winding projects.

Of course, not every motor needs wound coils. After all, brushless PCB motors with etched coils are a thing.

8 thoughts on “Semi-automated Winder Spins Rotors For Motors

  1. I wonder if using some small brass tubing would work better for the winder arm. The 3d printed arm doesn’t seem to be able to put enough tension against the wire when winding.

  2. While this is very nice and works (mostly), as the wire is drawn, it’s scraping off some of the wax which will increase the chance of getting a short between winds. The way to avoid this is to use a “coil winding nozzle” for the wire intake. Instead of scraping along a curve or exit point, the wire should move over a pulley. In addition to working better, it will also be able to run at much higher speeds.

  3. Hi this project was published on august seven I was download it and unfortunately could not upload the code each time. but as I see here nobody have problem like me so please some one help me solve my problem. thanks.

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