Plug Your Ears And Hop On This Jet-Powered EBike

Ah, the simple pleasures of a bike ride. The rush of the wind past your ears, the gentle click of the derailleurs as you change gears, the malignant whine of the dual electric jet turbines pushing you along. Wait, what?

Yes, it’s a jet bike, and its construction was strictly a case of “Why not?” for [Tech Ingredients]. They recently finished up a jet engine build using a hybrid design with electric ducted fans as compressors and fueled with propane. It was quite a success, and pretty spectacular, but left an embarrassment of riches upon its passing in terms of spare parts. The ducted fans, monstrous 90-mm 12s beasts, along with dual 150A ESCs found their way onto a mountain bike by way of a rear luggage rack. Pannier bags on each side hold the batteries, and a quick control panel went on the handlebar. The video below shows the build details and a couple of test rides, which show just how fast you can go with this setup. It may not be very practical compared to a more traditional hub motor, but it’s nowhere near as cool. Just be sure to wear your hearing protection.

Is this the first jet engine on a bike we’ve featured? Of course not. But for an impromptu build, it’s pretty impressive.

30 thoughts on “Plug Your Ears And Hop On This Jet-Powered EBike

          1. Wrong.

            A turbine is the part that gasses or fluids act upon to rotate something.

            E.g. the turbine before the exhaust of a turbojet engine. Or the turbine on the exhaust side of a turbocharger.

            To quote wikipedia: A turbine (from the Latin turbo, a vortex, related to the Greek τύρβη, tyrbē, meaning “turbulence”) is a rotary mechanical device that extracts energy from a _fluid flow_ and converts it into useful work.

    1. I thing Furze is actually an army of clones, when one get killed by their creations, another gets picked from storage… I hope they don’t run out of clones, their videos are amazing.

    2. Mhhh, no, not the most dangerous jetbike.
      The most dangerous jetbike ever is the one piloted by François Gissy, 333km/h and powered by pure peroxyde rocket motor. It killed its pilot in May.

  1. Jet powered e-bike….

    So it’s got a Jet of some sort powering a generator to make the electricity for an electric bike (or e-bike)?

    Appears to not be an e-bike at all… appears to be a jet bike…

    1. It’s using Electric ducted fans, which while not technically a jet engine in the traditional sense, they do produce a jet of exhaust and quite a bit of thrust. They’re also a hell of a lot cheaper than an actual hobby gas turbine engine.

      Thus, jet e-bike.

    2. Except the “jet” is powered by electricity. Is “e-jet powered bike” better for you? e-jet-e-bike? I’m not sure how to help you.

      Help me help you get past the semantics.

    1. Seriously, I hate that everything is a video now. Especially tutorials. They’re the worst–usually 20 minutes consisting first of some stupid animated intro, niceties and introductions, then the guy boots his computer because he apparently didn’t bother to do that already, staring at his desktop for some reason, opening a program, making a new file, setting up a whole test document, blah blah blah blah until finally just showing the menu item I want to use and how to use the dialog it brings up which takes perhaps five seconds. Then begins endless post-roll, apparently just to make it difficult to find the needle in this big old haystack.

      I miss when everything just had a write-up. That might be a good opportunity for some AI project; something that processes the video, does speech-to-text, somehow identifies and discards irrelevant data, and then presents an article with still-frames pulled from the video.

      It would probably be pretty hard to do right, though.

  2. Ducted fans, a long history of people calling them which they are not, and using them for things for which they are truly stupid. Make things for the fun of making things… but ducted fan on a bike, is a really dumb thing to do and a great waste of power.

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