Custom Laser Tag Rifle Packs A Sonic Punch

Laser tag is rarely (if ever) referred to as “The Sport of Kings”, but is a fun pastime nonetheless. While some are content to play with off-the-shelf toys, others prefer to make their own gear to suit their needs. [Heine Nielsen] is just one such builder, creating a fully-featured laser rifle loaded with features.

As far as hardware goes, [Heine]’s laser rifle is packed to the gills. There are two ESP32s running the show, along with a meaty 6S lithium battery to provide plenty of juice for long combat sessions. A 40W audio amp is hooked up to a speaker mounted in a faux-grenade launcher, aping the design of the M203 – and is able to deliver ear-splitting sound for that realistic touch.

Knowing the popularity of modern FPS games, [Heine] cribbed a lot from titles like PUBG and CS:GO. Grabbing sound effects from various weapons was just one step, with the ultimate goal being to replicate advanced game modes from these games. To help keep the player aware of the game state, there’s even a HUD on the gun, thanks to a 2.8″ TFT screen tucked into the scope.

It’s a serious build for playing serious laser tag, and we’d love to head out to the field for a match with gear like this. We’ve seen other hyper-realistic builds before too, like this one that uses actual blanks. Video after the break.

33 thoughts on “Custom Laser Tag Rifle Packs A Sonic Punch

        1. hehe, well so far the battery’s will give you many hours, and that is even with the B- grade cells from hoverboard.
          Recoil uses very little in this setup, new version of recoil om doing will add more power draw, but this will be very different then the solenoid kicker in the stock as in this version

    1. I run an annual tactical combat laser tag league and – that gun barrel looks awesome, but we are effectively fast moving battering rams with metal spikes pointing at each others head sensors. Small injuries each year would be much worse with spike/sharp design.

      1. Plans will be posted on patreon for as little as 1$ a month, please consider joining as all the things i make i use a lot of $ on, i have a high standard on the stuff i make and this often req getting a lot of stuff home and a lot of prototyping

    1. What’s the range? How’s said range in sunlight? And my final question; what IR emitter are you using, and is the red dot seen in your video a separate marker, or the actual spot where the laser hits?

      I’m trying to build my own laser tag guns, but love the guns. Oh and I forgot, how did you incorporate the barrel to light up when fired? And the see through display to look through when firing?

      Sorry for all the questions, but this thing looks incredible!

    1. Planned Targets so far:
      Ring/torso targets with point counters (also wireless transfer to score computer or weapon).
      Remote targets that light up indicating when to shoot them, scoring + time to react.
      “Plates” to put on cars for Death Race (my main thing i want to do ;) )
      Suits with detection all around + body workout pads to shock you in hit area.

      Already done Remote fire (single/burst/auto) via Bluetooth app, just need to add timing so 2 rifles connected can fire async (0-99% timing adjustable), this will be a later video to show that

      1. now you need to add trajectory simulation so it won’t shoot straight like… umm… well… laser. Maybe some weather station connected to central unit that accounts for wind changes and sudden gusts of wind. On short CQB it doesnt matter but on field play more than couple of meters trajectory is main factor and wind is factor to consider.

      2. What kind of detectors do you plan to use for receiving hits?

        Also, how about a PIR activated ‘claymore’ mine? Step in front of sensor and *BAM*, burst of light = player hit…

  1. To bad you can’t add a stunner embedded into a cheat guard to stun you when hit. Or daze you for a wound. It will help with the” naugh you missed “. Pukes out there. A little realism in the game.

      1. Goggles that changes it’s opacity based on your current HP will also be a nice addition. This way the person shot is given visual confirmation (or lack thereof) that he/she is dead, or have low HP.

        1. Well be as juddy stated, TENS unit, this will “shock” you and if hit will make it much harder to return fire, recoil will also be upgraded in the next version.

          TactialNinja, yes have also been looking into adding HUD in helmet to display health and whatever else is needed, besides that rifles will emit hit sounds and screams when hit is detected on player + TENS pads

    1. Alien vs Marines is a game mode that is planned ;), really fun to see people in a dark forest and hopefully with particle disturbance detector, other players (aliens) objectives is to touch player to kill player.
      Will have to design xenomorph suits with some kind of sound system to simulate the alien sounds so people will shit them self’s when hearing those sounds all around ;)

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