Organizational Inspiration From The Discount Tool Company

When in need of any tool to get a job done quickly, or only for a small number of times, it’s great to have a local “discount tool” company locally for some working, yet often low-quality solution to whatever problem might arise. While there are some gems, most of these tools won’t last through heavy, sustained use like their more expensive counterparts will. On the other hand, there are other things to be had at these discount shops, such as inspiration for tackling a storage problem.

This particular storage system comes from Harbor Freight, and uses a set linked crosshairs, the center of which is hollowed out. A set of movable compartments sits on top with feet that can interlock inside the crosshairs. This allows much more efficient use of space within the toolboxes, but [Alan] wanted it to be useful for more that that. He designed and implemented the Storage Case Base Template (SCBT) which allows for a container of any size to be fitted with a similar crosshair network.

With this non-proprietary system implemented and printed, the original goal of reducing the clutter in [Alan]’s workspace was accomplished. The 3D printing files can be modified easily for any space, and are available both on Thingiverse and Printables. For some other ways of packing a lot into a small space, we featured this tiny workshop a while back that’s packed with storage hacks.

13 thoughts on “Organizational Inspiration From The Discount Tool Company

    1. Hazard Fraught tools are OK for those that are priced, more or less, by weight.

      Are you going to pay $300+ for a Snap-on prybar? Just don’t be stupid and buy precision or power tools there.

      Even Amazon tools are getting better every year. Same old shit, unless your using your hot air soldering tool all day, everyday, Amazon model is good enough. Much better than HF. Sure sometimes it goes back, but Amazon so no problem. It’s not so much that Chinese tools have gotten better as American tools have gotten worse.
      Can’t generally get the good German and Japanese tools here. I wound up getting a set of small JIS screwdrivers from Snap-on (for model airplane engines). They’re not labelled as JIS, forget the marketing term they use, but it’s JIS. Cost a boat. Snap-on guy didn’t even know they were, in fact JIS. Had to do the research myself. Should have just replaced the fasteners with hex head.

      Taiwan makes some very good tools, much better than China. They also make some crap.

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