Hackaday Podcast 211: Pocket Sundial, Origami Llama, PCB Spacemouse

This week, Editor-in-Chief Elliot Williams and Contributor Emeritus Kristina Panos chewed the fat about the coolest hacks of the previous week. But first, a bit of news — our Low Power Challenge fizzled out this week, and boy did we have a lot of entries at the last minute. We love to see it though, and we’re going to get judging ASAP.

Don’t forget, this weekend is Hackaday Berlin! Livestreaming for this one may be iffy, but we’ll have the talks up for you eventually, so don’t fret too much if you can’t make it in the flesh this time.

Kristina definitely got What’s That Sound this week, but her answer will of course be bleeped out. Then it’s on to the hacks, beginning with a 6-DoF controller that does everything in interesting ways and a printed shredder that eats like a goat. From there we cover bolt dispensers, coffee grinders with Bluetooth weighing, camera calibration, and a $50 pen plotter that’s definitely a hack. Finally, we discuss the virtues of physicality when it comes to SIM cards and recorded music.

Check out the links below if you want to follow along, and as always, tell us what you think about this episode in  the comments!

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Episode 211 Show Notes:


What’s that Sound?

Interesting Hacks of the Week:

Quick Hacks:

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3 thoughts on “Hackaday Podcast 211: Pocket Sundial, Origami Llama, PCB Spacemouse

  1. When Elliot said “what’s wrong with just using scoops?”, I literally googled “coffee grinder scoops” only to realize it wasn’t some fancy device or firmware I missed out on, but actually just a plain old scoop. *facepalm*

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