VCF East 2023: Retro Luminaries Take The Stage

Our friend [Fran Blanche] recently recorded what it was like to participate in an energetic round table at the recently held Vintage Computer Festival (VCF) East. Fran joined well known personalities [Jeri Ellsworth], [Adrian Black] of Adrian’s Digital Basement, and Usagi Electric creator [Dave Lovett] with yours truly moderating.

The table-less roundtable discussed the pros and cons of streaming about retro and tech, and what its like to hang yourself out there in video format. Goals and motives differed widely from speaker to speaker and there was some good-natured ribbing about who makes money vs. who simply gets away with spending less.

Most of all fun was had by the speakers as they interacted with each other, and with the audience — and that comfort came across to the standing room only crowd of avid retro-enthusiasts who only told us good things about what they saw and heard that night.

One thing we did note was that every speaker actually knew what microphones were and how to use them.

Want to learn more about the 2023 Vintage Computer Festival East? You can start by checking out our previous coverage, and don’t miss the first in a series of fascinating interviews recorded by the Hackaday crew as they explored this phenomenal retrocomputing event.

4 thoughts on “VCF East 2023: Retro Luminaries Take The Stage

    1. You know you’ve been hanging around in theaters too long when you read “retro luminaries take the stage” and immediately think “Wait, we still have some of those Kliegl instruments around?!”

  1. Retro luminaries?

    Is that like ‘Famous Historian’? (Python is great, 40 years later you get another joke.)

    Where ARE the nerd groupies?
    Oh god. I wish I hadn’t even had that thought, mental Image is too horrifying not to share. The smell…

  2. Great panel and I think I’ve seen, binged videos from each person on the dais. And I think a bunch of them showed up as “suggested videos” from others, so the algorithm at least helped a bit for me, connecting the “dots” and the people cranking out the jams (so to speak).

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