What Is A Schumann Resonance And Why Am I Being Offered A 7.83Hz Oscillator?

Something that probably unites many Hackaday readers is an idle pursuit of browsing AliExpress for new pieces of tech. Perhaps it’s something akin to social media doomscrolling without the induced anger, and it’s certainly entertaining to see some of the weird and wonderful products that can be had for a few dollars and a couple of weeks wait. Every now and then something pops up that deserves a second look, and it’s one of those that has caught my attention today. Why am I being offered planar PCB coils with some electronics, described as “Schumann resonators”? What on earth is Schumann resonance, anyway?

Atmospheric Physics Meets Cheap Junk

The different modes of Schumann resonance in the atmosphere.
The different modes of Schumann resonance in the atmosphere. Neotesla CC BY-SA 3.0.

The second question is easy enough to answer, the Schumann resonances occur in the electromagnetic spectrum of the earth, and are the result of resonances in the waveguide created between the electrically charged and thus radio-reflective ionosphere and the planet’s surface. Just as a small section of microwave waveguide on your bench can have an electromagnetic resonant frequency, so can this huge planet-sized space.

The waveguide on your desk will probably resonate in the thousands of megahertz, while the atmospheric waveguide has its resonance in the very low frequencies, in the order of hertz with a fundamental frequency around 7.8 Hz and a series of harmonic frequencies

The story of the Schumann resonances is interesting in itself, because rather than being discovered through observation they were predicted in 1952 in a mathematical study of the ionosphere by a German physicist, Winfried Otto Schumann. He originally calculated a frequency of around 10 Hz. A decade later their existence was proved, and studies have shown them to be excited by lightning strikes. Their resonant frequency is lower than Schumann predicted because of the slower-than-light transmission speed in the earth’s atmosphere, and they are part of the field of climate and atmospheric science, and as an example their activity has been used as a marker of global temperature. Indeed, the frequency varies over the course of a day as different parts of the earth are exposed to the sun — the oft-cited 7.83 Hz value actually wanders around 7.5 Hz to 8.3 Hz.

All this is fascinating stuff, but what’s the connection between a global scale electromagnetic resonance requiring all those (naturally, 1.21 jiggawatt) lightning strikes to excite and which is of great interest to climate scientists, and a little AC magnetic field generator on a PCB from China? The answer took a bit of web searching to find out, and sadly it’s not the scientific breakthrough we might have hoped for.

Does It Work? It’s All In Your Head

A screenshot of an online ad for a device, claiming to help HiFi, insomnia, reducing odours, and reducing smoke.
Is there nothing this thing can’t do?

A natural resonant frequency on a planetary scale is for engineers and physicists an interesting and entirely explainable physical phenomenon. It’s got a clear derivation and a mathematical proof that works, and it’s even got a few useful applications for climate scientists.  But of course, not everyone who happens upon Schumann resonance has that background or training, and among those are a section who perhaps read a little bit more into it than they should.

My web search took me into people who believe that Schumann resonance is a “heartbeat” for a somehow sentient planet, something with which we have somehow lost touch, and turn the coincidence that some human brainwaves are around the same frequency into a vital connection. It seems that the Schumann resonators aren’t there for the planet but instead for us, they’re intended to stimulate the “right” brain waves which have somehow been lost due to our modern high-tech lifestyles. That they’re also claimed to improve the sound from HiFi systems and reduce pollutants in the air is the cherry on the cake.

So sadly the Schumann resonators have nothing to do with the ionosphere, and who knows, might just even be completely useless in themselves. In the past I’ve bought a few similarly pseudoscience devices for a teardown and investigation, but this time I somehow can’t find it within me to shell out twenty dollars or so on this one. Still, it’s been interesting to learn about the ionospheric resonance.

Can any of you think of a use for a ELF oscillator and planar coil that doesn’t involve pseudoscience? The comments await.

107 thoughts on “What Is A Schumann Resonance And Why Am I Being Offered A 7.83Hz Oscillator?

    1. Charging a phone wirelessly is not easy. There is a whole protocol that you need to implement to ensure the phone sees the right input voltage at the power it wants to receive. Just applying the 13.56MHz field will only turn on the receiver and have it load modulate something back to you.

      1. Given that it’s not a typo that there’s no “MHz”, it’s really in the ten Hertz range, the flux doesn’t reverse often enough to deliver a lot of power to a typical phone pickup coil. Compare the size, weight and power density of 60 Hz transformers to a 40 kHz to MHz switch-mode supply; higher frequency is important.

  1. I was interested in this a few times in the past and yeah, searches quickly spin out of control into woo woo land. I got the impression that Tesla was also researching this and it was the result of one of his “The world isn’t ready” pronunciations as I think he thought it possible to force oscillation such that waves colliding above a certain spot would cause a massive energy discharge from ionosphere, radio controlled super lightning or something.

    I have thought about trying some experimentation myself, but it’s real hard to get someone to loan you a few hundred miles of railway tracks to charge your phone off.

    1. Tesla thought that you could “pump” energy into the resonance somehow and tap into it anywhere in the world. He didn’t seem to recognize the inherent losses where it takes a tremendous amount of energy to keep the oscillation from decaying away, or the problems of tapping into such a low frequency system with any efficiency using infrastructure of practical size. Of course there are legends where he constructed a “box” that ran a car off of radio waves… which is just bunk.

      Tesla didn’t believe that things like electrons existed. He had some theoretical understanding of the matter through Maxwell’s equations, and a hunch on how AC would work based on a late 19th century idealized version of electricity, but the rest of it was just mildly insane speculation where his mathematical and cognitive abilities broke down and became insufficient to deal with the problem.

      1. in general, to describe a person like Tesla, you could have a person who understands and can apply rigorously and exactly half of what is generally know of some subject. For the other half, they just make up some kooky theory that is half-plausible or too strange to question.The important point is that no other individual really understands even the first half of it, so they can’t question the results that this crank can achieve.

        This is science before Karl Popper, where theories are correct if they can produce working results – even if by accident. It’s not about whether your theories are in themselves falsifiable or even testable.

        1. That’s what it looks like from the outside. If you’re in Tesla’s situation, almost everything known about the subject is on shaky footing and you’ve been proven right against stiff odds before. Without thinking as rigorously as is required, even if he had a notion to be empirical about his beliefs, he could still become convinced that his own theories were better. He didn’t think the same way as just about anyone else, and was terrible at seeing things from the other guy’s perspective. So if he doesn’t understand why someone has a different theory, and his own looks like it produces more successes, then think of it like choosing to ignore the more complicated parts of gravity, time, relativity, etc when you’re doing basic low speed physics of balls rolling down slopes in an entry level physics class nowadays. Or like using pi = 1 for astronomy, because an error within an order of magnitude doesn’t even matter. If you have success, you’re going to want to keep doing it. Such is the basis of superstition. Unless you can find the harm from doing what worked before, your limited information makes it reasonable to be unreasonable.
          Of course, he *should* have known better in many cases, but he should get a bit more credit than the cranks we have nowadays.

          1. The cranks we have today fall in two categories: schizophrenic loonies who see things that aren’t there, and people who know enough high-school physics and math that they could – if they put their minds to it – reproduce much the same that Tesla and pals did by trial and error. Since they don’t have the skills or the brains to go beyond re-inventing the wheel, they use their ability to talk the talk to fool investors.

            Tesla was a little bit of both. If he hadn’t been a slight bit insane, he could have seen the error of his ways, but then again this was the P.T. Barnum era and everyone was like that.

        2. >This is science before Karl Popper, where theories are correct if they can produce working results – even if by accident.
          Isn’t that better than the opposite situation we have now? It certainly makes more sense.

          1. This descriptive approach has it’s problems when leaving an often narrow scope of baseline assumptions and is prone to overfitting.
            Popper’s approach is useful to identify those baseline and limits of application by trying to break a hypothesis. If that fails you can be more confident in getting predictable results within the explored range. If you succeed in breaking it you know further research is required.

          2. It doesn’t make more sense. Popperian science points out that for any phenomenon or observation, you can have a very nearly unlimited number of explanations ranging from the plausible to the completely insane, and only one of them will be correct. By simply picking one – even if it is somewhat plausible – you’re most likely to pick a wrong one. It will produce the right answer in this case, and fail in a number of others – but not necessarily right away.

            So judging theories simply by whether they produce the expected results leads you to crazy town – especially if you’re also subject to confirmation or expectation bias and superstition that makes you see the things you want to. Everybody has that problem.

        1. Tesla did not invent the generator but he did develop the whole system for generating polyphase electricity, the transmission lines, the transformers, the substations, etc… His patents define the industry.

          In a similar note, many other people besides A. G. Bell had prior telephone components. Bell invented the system – the network and switching.

        2. I.e. the difference between invention and innovation is in making a new spin on an established topic. The great innovators take what’s already known to its logical extremes, then patent every variation they can think of.

      2. Tesla’s science was lightyears ahead and his applications were the stuff of yesterday’s dreams. As an engineer he left a great deal to be desired; but as a theoretician he may rival DaVinci

        1. Wait…what?

          “As an engineer he left a great deal to be desired…”

          Tesla is the very archetype of the modern engineer. While in Edison’s employ, it aggravated him that Edison would conduct thousands of experiments on something that a few minutes of calculation would have predicted. Arguably, the same Tesla that disappoints you none the less single-handedly created the foundation for the modern world. A hundred years after the fact you are still posting to servers powered by polyphase electric power in server rooms likely chilled through application of his induction motors.

          “… but as a theoretician he may rival DaVinci”

          DaVinci’s strength was creativity, not engineering ability. By far, most of DaVinci’s designs were speculative and fanciful. Wonderfully so, but utterly impractical (and often non-functional). Name one thing he invented that translated to common use? (No, merely envisioning a diving suit, tank, or flying machine is not the same as engineering it, let alone actually building it.)

          I’m not a member of the Tesla cult and I am every bit the DaVinci fan that you are, but I find your remarks at odds with the facts.

          1. Galileo Ferraris came to the polyphase motor before Tesla but never patented his work. Tesla acknowledged this. Also, the Ferrari and Tesla polyphase motors kind of sucked using 6 wires. These polyphase electric motors cooling todays server rooms are efficient ‘squirrel cage’ three phase motors designed by Mikhail Dolivo-Dobrovolsky. These are the motors that remain virtually unchanged in 100 years. So Tesla is cool but idealized in modern times.

        2. Teslas science was backwards even in his time. He was a proponent of the aether theory, and didn’t believe electrons existed. In Tesla’s science, a vacuum is literally empty, so an electric field could not pass it – it had to be a fluid of some sort that fills up the space.

          This weird conflict between what Tesla thought was happening, and what other physicists of the day were starting to discover, lead him to mathematical weirdness like electricity propagating in longitudinal waves, like sound in air, which is a source of much confusion and a lot of bunk science today among the Tesla-religious people.

          1. When you don’t do work where the difference between aether theory and our current understanding matters, the difference becomes unimportant. That is the realm where Tesla was working. I assume that he experimented with vacuum tubes, but honestly I’m not actually convinced he did much, given that he probably would have associated them too much with Edison.

          2. Tesla was born around 23 years before Einstein, and Einstein only proposed Relativity as a replacement for it when he was around 26. It was only in the second half of his life that he fell behind, by which time he didn’t have the money to do anything serious anyways. Saying that he was “backwards even in his time” is frankly wrong, his flaw was that unlike Einstein, he didn’t keep on top of theoretical physics (and frankly may have never done so, in favor of applied physics).

      3. Ahhh…. Pragmatism and Scientific method inquiry…. The antithesis of bunkism (or otherwise known as “religion’ the world over) . Someone does something and it works for the moment or at least it ‘feels’ good for them…never mind they basically made it up on the fly or a ‘flash’ of revelation (that can’t be factually and scientifically defend) or blindly misappropriated from others work they didn’t actually make an effort to even functionally understand. Yes, Tesla was a genius but the society of his day and upbringing was structured around unfounded pseudo mysticism, genealogy origin myth ‘religion’ claptrap and emotive desirous perpetuation that was to be accepted without question … or real world physical/social/financial/‘eternal’ punishments would be applied … making the conformity to the normative controlling manipulative conventions a somewhat foregone conclusion. “God forbid” someone would say that “God” never was :p.

        The nice myths created out of unknowing ignorance blinds societies and individuals leaving them stumbling about in a self perpetuation darkness feeling about and stumbling over things that hurt them and at other times are psychologically soothing. It sets up variable rule making to hopefully decrease the personal pain and hopefully increase the pleasurable soothing aspects. Maybe it even removes personal accountability and provides ‘forgiveness” for mistakes or harm caused.

        Such was the world in which Tesla was born into, lived and died. Such as it is today albeit with a little less darkness as a result of geniuses such as Tesla, Currie, Newton, Darwin, Copernicus, Galileo, Einstein and innumerable innovative individuals who struggled to demonstrably scientifically factually understand the actual reality in which they existed. They fought a battle challenging the existence of the society guardrails that they were brought up in, educated in, lived in, worked in, died in and found scant support in their struggle to know what was the actual reality and truth obscured by ‘religious faith’. No wonder at various junctures some aspects of religious pseudoscience crept into their investigations and engineering. The person that is perpetually indefatigable in scientific methodologies and intransigent in integrity or objectivity doesn’t exist.

        As actual scientists and engineers one needs to embrace objective inquiry, peer review, critique and reevaluation of prior assumptions based upon scientific factual information that evolves over continued work and discovery. At the same time those things that are demonstrably false structures, constructs, ‘make believe’ need to be vigorously exposed for what they are no matter how fervently those falsehoods have been believed or by whom.

        We’re just really coming toward an age where we as a society have a chance to ‘see’ reality for what it actually is without the blinding of myths, pseudoscience, ‘religion’ or nonexistent ‘omnipresent God’ constructs that originated out of ignorance. Ignorance can be cured with actual knowledge, Stupidity is perpetuated by beliefs in the unquestioned ‘supernatural’ fables of the past.

        Genius by itself is only a characteristic, what one does with that characteristic is a matter of circumstances and resources availability combined with personal responsibility, integrity, objectivity, rigorous self motivation, self discipline and constructive supportive collaboration.

        1. So you claim you can scientifically proof that nothing exists outside the boundaries we today are able to observe? Why does a measurement without all theory produce the same outcome as a mathematical expression which is only founded on some abstract assumptions without any connection to a measurement?

      4. Tesla was right, just as you are right. You CAN pump energy into the Schumann resonances (the US 60 Hz grid does exactly this, though PROBABLY accidentally: one of the resonances hovers around 60Hz, and the resulting difference in the background signal strength is detectable when comparing the US with e.g. Europe), but it decays enough that its use for transferring energy is dubious. Also, Tesla seems to have been having trouble dealing with the fact that the resonant frequencies actually CHANGE over time: some of his “extract energy from the ionosphere!!!!111!!1!!!!!!11!” stuff sounds like he was trying to work out automatic tuning of the broadcast system rather than getting free energy (though in the absence of tax-backed government funding, he VERY MUCH needed free energy to get his dream to actually work). In a world increasingly dominated by progressivism, it probably seemed like the obvious course to go with his wireless energy system, particularly since the US Rural Electrification Act was only passed in 1936, somewhere around 30 years AFTER Tesla seemingly stopped doing anything useful at his Wardenclyffe boondogle (he should have just done what Morgan paid him for, he would have gotten radio money).

        As for running a car “off of” radio waves, I expect he did… because he did actually succeed at RC control of model ships, but I suspect the actual POWER was likely batteries. Other things would have been technically possible for him, but Tesla had a bit too much of a showman in himself for me to trust that he used beamed power on ESPECIALLY a full-size car without REAL evidence…

        1. Not an expert on Tesla by any means but he did seem to understand and was fascinated by natural resonance frequencies… be it that of physical structures (mechanical oscillators), electrical (polyphase currents) or radio frequency. Mind you, he was observing phenomena at its edges with relatively crude tools, especially when it came to radio frequencies. (It wasn’t like there were Radio Shacks and DIY oscilloscope kits available ;-)).

          In some ways wasn’t he sort of like a guy stranded on an island trying to build a technological infrastructure from limited raw resources? Just think of it like the strandee wanting a ardened cut nail would first have to find iron rich clays, collect it, build a blower furnace, gather wood and convert it to charcoal, make high temp ceramic urns, make molds that could collect the future molten iron, hot work handling tools, smelt the iron out of the clay, pour it then work it…the lead up to making that cut nail is daunting even considering one might already know it could exist and the process to get there….now think about what it was like in Tesla’s time and you’re trying to understand the basis that we now understand as frequency resonances and energetic particle generation and directional transfer… all while not getting one’s self smoked off.

          What Tesla did accomplish as first principle discovery and equipment was remarkable particularly given his starting point.
          Yes there were others and leveraging of prior work but just even knowing that there had been others and their work was rather daunting never mind the mental, physical capacity and practical skills necessary to actively (and successfully) pursue developing them.

          Aside: Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s one of the impetus for getting everyone riled up to build up the ‘Star Wars’ defense infrastructure was the discovery of the then Soviet Union’s high energy particle beam research program and facilities. (Funny back story aside: While the Soviets had indeed developed a particle beam technology they had already abandoned it as impractical as an earth-to-space or within-atmosphere weapon system due to attenuation from water vapor and the ever changing variables in atmospheric conditions, pressures and densities by the time Regan got going.)

    2. Tesla’s ionosphere muckery is one of those areas where lots of stuff he thought up seems to drift in and out of the discussion (example: he once talked about a PARTICLE BEAM weapon that could be used to form a conductive path to a target, and the concept actually has had some successful preliminary tests in the last century… but it’s a MERCURY particle beam, and frankly is a HORRIBLE idea, and I suspect that it was only experimented with out of curiosity… also, probably short ranged).

      His “super lightning” idea seems likely to be how he thought he’d power his wireless power transmission system, but it also seems to have sometimes been conflated with how he planned to TUNE his wireless energy transmission system. About the time he was working on the idea, he seems to have eventually had a nervous breakdown, which seems about right for someone trying to make the impractical become practical on a shoestring budget. He seems to have known JUST ENOUGH about the mid-reaches of the atmosphere to get himself stuck on bad ideas; not his fault I suppose, since a lot was still unknown about how any of it works, the actual existence of the ionosphere wasn’t even proved until Tesla lost his Wardenclyffe tower site.

  2. I’ve run into the crazy parts of this before too. But there are some legit but esoteric science behind some of the things. Some years back, when I was trying to self-educate on linear algebra while working on DSP filters, I ran into eigenvalues and eigenvectors (the latter is nonscalar version of the former). I “discovered” that the earth has an eigenvector (google it!) that’s related to its magnetic field (which does move around as it is right now) that it’s affected by seismic events. Who knew?

  3. Since the Schumann frequency depends on the ionosphere which depends on solar events, maybe you could monitor the frequency of this thing (if it even works) to get an idea of solar conditions for ham radio use. It may also be a good lightning detector (of course if it works).

  4. I have been using a ELF generator for all my life now. in the beginning only for simple utilities, but later in my life i found out it is also used in more electronic things like music players and communication devices. the base frequency is around 50Hz, although that varies a little throughout the day. in some areas the frequenchy is as high as 60Hz and on planes they found that 400Hz works quite well.

  5. As i recall, brain EEG signals have a freq component at about 7-8hz named “Delta waves”. I think they are associated with sleep or consciousness and may be diagnostic for brain tumors.
    Add to that, “Driving”, external stimulation into the brain with signals similar in freq to normal EEG.
    As in “Alpha Driving”.
    Next think about magnetic coupling into conductive brain tissue, rather than electrical conduction contacts to scalp or brain.
    TransCutaneous ElectroMagnetic Stimulation: or some mnemonic close to that.

    1. No, that’s between 1-4 Hz, or more recently as it’s been re-defined as between 0.5 – 2 Hz.

      There are probably brain waves in the same range, but that is likely to be coincidental since it would take a tremendous field strength to have any meaningful effect on a brain from that distance. Theta and Alpha waves fall in the 7-8 Hz boundary, but interestingly enough, both are predominantly found either above or below that range. If there is any conclusions to be made, it could be that human brain waves rather avoid the 7-8 Hz range as it would contain interference and noise that would affect mental processes.

      1. Brains, or intelligence, need to be robust to function consistently. That’s why it wouldn’t be a surprise to find that most brains ignore interference at “natural frequencies” like the Schumann resonance.

    2. TENS electro-neural.
      This device uses a bi-frequency signal on skin pads to a) penetrate the skin with higher frequency, and b) uses the carrier envelope to form lower frequency waves which put nerve bundles to sleep by hyperpolarization.
      This energy injection essentially disables pain. Injecting a similar signal into the brain or any other electrical system would probably have similar disabling or de-functional side effects. Just as putting an AM radio near any form for EMI makes it useless for playing music.

    3. That sounds like something people would get mixed up with TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation), a legitimate and tested tool for treating depression, and a few other other neurologist and psychological illnesses. Of course, refining TMS to be effective for more people or work over less time would certainly be a worthwhile pursuit.

  6. Schumann resonances may or may not influence the human brain, personally I don’t see how they could not. What is important about these resonances is the fact that extremely low frequencies are a physical reality and definitely are of extreme Importance. I wrote a paper on extremely low frequencys and its influence on all life on earth and am working on a paper to apply this not just to interplanetary space, but to interatomic space as well!

  7. I just read about Schumann frequencies last night in a Book by Gordon Cooper. Very interesting! He was highlighting on 6.8 Hz. Resonant in a Pyramid, etc. Also used in wound healing

  8. I made an ELF receiver around 3 years ago. It uses a 100ft + tall pine tree in my front yard. Across the street are the power lines. So the Schmann components have 1/10 the strength. I would plot the spectrum and see varying peaks near harmonics. I have been taking spot measurements from several hours to days at 240 sps. With my Raspberry Pi.
    In the meantime I was building a portable ESP32 Lora32 remote recorder, so I could get away from power.
    Recently we had a power failure, but my house has battery back up, so I have a recording of the event. I can see that the filtered signal didn’t drop with the power. If I speed up the playback, it is far more interesting signal than the just tones.

    Finally I used python to pitch shift it by 4 octaves (16x). I posted it on my Google blog https://tombelpasso.blogspot.com/

  9. As a radio amateur, I’ve received echoes of my morse code (CW) transmissions after they traveled around the Earth. The echo appears 1/7 second after transmission, which aligns well with the 7.83Hz atmospheric waveguide mentioned in the article above. It was quite fascinating the first time I heard this phenomena!
    de N7QS

  10. There is no such thing as pseudoscience, there is only the scientific method, and the fraud that tries to circumvent it. It isn’t complicated, if you make a false or unprovable claim then you are commiting fraud, even if you are a “scientist”.

    1. As a science educator who has worked with some pretty high powered scientists, I am very uncomfortable with the propagation of the word “proof” to describe the results of scientific inquiry. I understand your point, but it would make much more sense to say “substantial evidence” and leave the word “proof” for the very specific mathematical use or, I guess, the overly broad and nearly colloquial legal use. Science is a very powerful tool for prediction and even understanding, but calling a thing proven does a disservice to the people looking to move forward by pushing on the nuance of our current understandings. That said, assertion without verified and substantial evidence should absolutely be suspected of quackery, or at least valued very little in proportion to the (lack of) evidence supporting any claims made.

    2. There’s absolutely such a thing as pseudoscience. Just because that person is a fraud doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist or his actions have no effect. They often (unfortunately) have more effect than the legitimate knowledge.

  11. I think this relates to PEMF. it uses electromagnetic pulses at a frequency of around 9-10 hz to induce sleep and improvement of mitochondria and body functions. but this method uses electromagnetic waves instead of pulses. It’s effectiveness should be studied.

  12. From a cursory glance on the web it seems the idea is to counter the schumann resonance, and by doing so remove a ‘disturbance’
    So if in reality the frequency varies like List says then it should really have a detector and adjust the frequency of the device to match the local conditions, assuming you buy into this.

    As for its use for us: we could perhaps in fact use it as a detector of schumann resonance and publish the frequency on a website, or adjust some dynamic artwork based on the detection, say a slow lightshow or rotating device that changes with the detected frequency, perhaps as something of a meditation device? Might be interesting to have a real planet-wide effect be visualized that way.

  13. Message from “god//source” – earth has a problem – you guys need to get onto it. This is important Hello, you guys need to examine the Lorenz system at coefficient value xyz 3,3,3 (tune the resistor values obtain the infinity loop on the cro)this is the mixer coefficient values for the human brain. You can modulate neural natural coefficient values into the brain – no need to drill a hole – cure deafness / blindness and intergalactic communications! Crystals are special – input rlc1 at 3khz (test tone) – second RLC 2 32768khz with xtal both at resonance (369 / 333 Tesla knew). Output aerial – triangle 3 phase xyz output 3cm x 3cm x 3cm. The Lorenz circuit mixer is a coefficient mixer used across the universe. You can modulate audio and video and with the additional 32768khz Crystal you should be able to modulate across the crystal matrix grid. Quantum resonances exist with alternative piezoelectric states, quantum communications using xyz ⚠️3 phase aerial – 3 phase coefficient – your brain is a 3 phase computational system – delta / wye TX/RX . Schuman is the master clock generator of the human brain. Pole shift incoming. Get to work smart engineers. This is an end times post. You need to get busy understanding the true purpose of the Lorenz mixer – your brain – infinity loop – crystal grid. Output xyz from mixer into a triangular aerial , 3 phase aerial , using spiral antenna or electromagnet induction into brain myselin sheath will induce currents allows for natural coefficient values – this is how your brain really works. Xyz Lorenz 333 – the mixer of mixers.

  14. Hhhmmmmmm —- the sound of low frequency , we are surrounded by the thrum of LF waves all the time. From our mothers heartbeat, to the 35hz of the sub bass speakers in teenagers cars. even the nazis tried to harness it for evil. https://www.nevingtonwarmuseum.com/sound-cannon.html (Insert own sarcastic comment about teens and nazi movement.) Whales and elephants all use LF to communicate , are they listening to the music of the sphere’s or dubstep? If you want your brain to work better? stick your head in the sub woofer at a festival. N.b. don’t forget your crystal head band.

  15. After I built my Schumann resonator, not only did I sleep better, but I beat Magnus Carlsen in an online chess session the next morning, and in the afternoon I learned how to levitate and solved the eternal question of world peace. I would’ve told everyone about it, but the battery on my resonator ran out before I had it all written down. And to top that, I landed on the device and it’s been broken ever since.

  16. Many of the modern technology was invented or thought of. I feel sorry for those that poo such inventions. Without such inventions many of the technologies would not exist today. So just that the man couldn’t prove mathematically is no reason to denigrate someone. If we waited for all these clever bods we would still be pushing hand carts.

  17. The whole mythos around “sound healing” (which the whole Schumann resonance often intersects with, and likely the science behind this cheap tech) is snake oil. As cool as it would be to have sound cure something, the science is murky and full of misinformation – minus the use of binaural beats to entrain the brain, a process which has a large bit of science behind its merits.

    Exhibit 1:
    Remember how Hitler and Nazi Germany set up our current hertz of conventional tuning? (This was in an actual published book I read though I understand that means jack today)

    ….Of course you don’t remember that. It’s a myth.

    Exhibit 2:
    Singing bowls need seven metals to be fully healing due to their “planetary alignments.”

    Hilarious to see people try to connect Western alchemy to Eastern methods. Not a thing in any of the original cultures that use/used it. Of course, the people who sell them don’t point that out often. What’s it to them how dumb Westerners spend their money? Also fun fact – two of these seven metals – mercury and lead – will poison you.

  18. They could serve to cancel out naturally occurring spurious Low Frequency RFI. I had heard these are s biproduxt of the Earth’s EMF, so perhaps there is something to the given our hunter-gather “selves” some feeling of imperceptible calm, like bring in nature and all things being well when they are humming along at a healthy frequency. Maybe, their again unperceptable slight changes in occultations indicate something is about to happen like a big storm, an earth quake, the change in season. You really have to mark this down to “we have no idea” as peudo as it may seem, our lack of understanding about so much of the universe would lead any wise person to leave the door open for them to have some effect or function that we just don’t understand. Or, ” ha finsl proof of Dark Matter :-) or it’s the effects of Quantum Gravity :-) both of these things until we keep searching, observing, and keeping the mind open and curious are just as peudo as these currently climate change contributing plastic, nstusl resource wasting, and water polluting “ali secret mind control devices” they are telling your brain to “buy more custim PCBs, Mao was right (no he wasn’t), and order a Baufang” ha ha ha bs or maybe they do get your laundry cleaner “ancient Chinese secret” (for those old enough to remember the laundry detergent ads.

  19. if a shuman wave is using for radio wave why not using this?
    simple setup a few this oscilators to generate ideal tube, directions antena to send clear and coherent signal for many km.

    when I talk my woice is propagate trought air, not ideal because air is not ideal. I can revert this proces (using sound processors) why not using this to make a tunel for transmiting radio waves? yagi generate a cone, not pipe signal (in 3d space) meybe using normal antena yagi and few ‘wall’ is possible correct signal to cylinder radio wave signal?

    1. The radio signal STILL winds up conical, the frequencies actually MOVE, and all of the actual resonances are too low for anything other than Morse code as I recall.

  20. This is what I think of when Joe Rogan had on a reputable (or not expressly disreputable) scientist and then that pilot, relaying a first-hand account of UFO phenomena: it must be something, having to deal with the ionosphere, where multiple fields are overlapping to create constructing interference, and then something shifts, the interference moves sub-light speed but much faster than we would ever be used to, on OUR SCALE. On the planetary scale, not so big, you could see it all like a gnat jumping from one side of a beach ball to another: it’s just that we are so small, and not aware of everything.

    1. Hard G soft G. “This is Jay for Ginger calling Gee for Jim.” from a skit by British comedian Tony Hancock (The Radio Ham). Perhaps you are too young to remember. Could also be a “gihugeous” or unspecified amount.

  21. Hi so if you believe in the science of resonance then it should hold true that if this creates a frequency and we place it near our body or biofield we would then start to have our biofield match close to that state, which will block other frequencies from making their way to our cells to resonate at that frequency.
    The 7.83 hertz is the alpha state and also the state of meditation, when we are in this state the body activates neuro transmitters for healing it is in rest and digest stare and not in any stress. It’s just like wearing the headband that sends magnetic signals to our brain to be in different brainwave states and that certainly works. This device is about hacking your state of being. It works and it’s all based in science

    1. Jenifer, the science does not yet understand which exact sets of neurons integrate and fire in groups and networks that create the electrical field measured by EEG that show a 7.83 Hz resonance, and why the other paths are inhibited. If you add external stimulus, you have no control over which neurons can fire, and ones that wouldn’t have are now firing. Geographical, electrical, chemical has to be just right. Too much stimulus at a critical step will inhibit further activity.
      A bit akin to waving a picture of a koy fish over a pond to see if there are any there. You have no idea if the picture or movement is scary.

    2. Sadly, it’s pretty futile. The constant stream of other emf frequencies is virtually impossible to stop. They literally put up a realm wide net and are poisoning the fish with ghz frequencies. SR is very real, which is exactly why they put the net overhead and forced it into every aspect of our lives.

  22. I downloaded a sine generator vst for Ableton and used the 3 frequencies: 7.83hz, 14.1hz, 20,3hz and when you hear them together there is a rhythm, turn off the 7.83hz and that rhythm stops (7.83hz we cannot hear) so it does have an influence on “the rhythm” which is odd but not supernatural. Also 14.1hz & 20.3hz have a rhythm when played together but when all 3 are playing it reminds me of the rhythm an old ww2 submarine engine running flat out makes or a steam train but it is not constant, the rhythm also triples over time and falls back to the base rhythm (if that makes any sense to you lol) syncopation might be a better description. I can say that it is constant but I have to use a timer to measure this. You can also try it yourself on one of the online generators.

  23. We are exposed to too many EM waves in a large spectrum whose effects on our brain and body we do not understand. I think it is best not to mess with adding more power without having a slightest on what it will do to us. Fortunately these planar coil transmitters are too weak to do anything to your body, but are powerful enough to pull money out of your pocket!

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