Wireless TAC-2 Joystick


[Aki] had a broken TAC-2 joystick that was just begging for some new and improved use.  Since it was the cable that was broken, [Aki] had the idea to make it wireless. He designed custom boards for the transmitter and receiver. Each is controlled by an ATTiny2313. He fitted it with the stock connector so it could possibly even still work on a commodore 64. He hasn’t tested that yet though.

[via the Hack A Day flickr pool]

9 thoughts on “Wireless TAC-2 Joystick

  1. Hi,

    last year I’ve designed a such a piece of hardware for all Commodore Amiga, C64, Atari VCS and similar computers with D-Sub 9pin connector.

    Our device has two DSub 9pin connectors at the sender side. This ensures that all(!) joystick can be connected and used wireless. The receiver will be plugged via Dsub 9pin connectors directly to the computer.

    see http://www.joca-tech.de for more information. Here’re some pics:


    What is really important is up time and latency. We’ve managed a latency less than 8ms. Running time of our device is about 30 hours. It uses only two AA batteries.

    If you’re interested leave me a message at info@joca-tech.de



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