Lego Head Tracking


[Epoch] Sent in this simple head tracking project using Lego pieces. He’s made a custom mount to hold 3 Lego light sensors on a baseball cap. Then, after modifying his webcam for IR with some floppy disk scraps, he loads up the free-track software and can control his games. For convenience, he has programmed the Lego Nxt to only turn on the lights while he’s holding a contact sensor. You can see it in action after the break. This appears to be very similar to [Johnny Lee’s] head tracking. Judging by the video, it’s not as smooth though.

11 thoughts on “Lego Head Tracking

  1. Lego is not necessary at all, you can rig this with 3 infrared LEDs, and a battery pack from radio-shack, and it wouldn’t require $200 Lego Robotics kit. It must be an April’s fool joke.

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