Power Glove 20th Anniversary Edition


Using an original Power Glove, a bluetooth module, an Arduino, and an accelerometer, [Biphenyl] brought the system up to date. As you can see in the video after the break, the new version is wireless and much more useful in the games. Skip to 11 minutes in if you just want to see it in action. There’s a full writeup on Instructables if you want to build your own.  We love the power glove and we can’t wait to see a more developed game for it. This beats the Power Glove Wiimote, hands down.


20 thoughts on “Power Glove 20th Anniversary Edition

  1. that is fucking awsome!
    i wish i could get one of them.
    my dad said he got one of them. but then he also said he got pissed off at it because he broke one of the sensors. so he caught it on fire with gasoline and firecrackers. haha.

  2. @collin cerbus
    Of course it would have been easier to use a wii controller. The wii controller can already do everything he inserted into the powerglove straight out of the factory.

    However, that wouldn’t have been a tenth as fun.

  3. @collin cerbus
    I actually considered doing that when I started the project. The primary concerns were that 1) I was worried about fitting the wiimote guts inside the Power Glove’s housing and 2) I’d need to do some funkiness to get the bend sensor data, which was more important to me than the IR sensor.

    And really, anonymous is right — it was more fun, too!

  4. somafm cliqhop <33

    i love the detail on the smaller roadblocks, eg. putting the hole in the accelerometer vs. wedging it against the screw, taking female pin headers from an old computer, strengthening cable connections w/thru holes

    good tips :]

  5. Picture of Richard Dean Anderson for inspiration, lol, man after my own heart.

    Do the bend sensors actually do anything? The gesture recognition didn’t go over that.

    Also, it seems like it would be easier to just use a wiimote.

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