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[Jay] hacked a Blu-Ray laser diode into a keychain enclosure. He found a heavy brass keychain light from Lowe’s and stuffed the diode and a larger battery inside. The existing batteries weren’t powerful enough, so he drilled out the endcap to fit a 200mAh 3.6v lithium battery inside. He also modded the power button to only momentarily turn on the diode. With the larger battery, the laser can run for about an hour between charges. In addition to a Blu-Ray lasers, he also has versions with a 200mW red diode.

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56 thoughts on “Blu-Ray Laser Keychain

  1. Really… in defense of those who thought the picture was photo shopped, if you are not familiar with the latest developments in DIY lasers, then it would be easy to conclude that it may be ‘shopped’.

    I have since updated my Hack N Mod article to mention that the picture is using smoke. And is you look at the video that I linked of an 80mW build lighting matches, you can see that even at that power, the beam shows up nice with just a little smoke from the matches and stuff.

    This picture of my 268mW Key Chain blu-ray build, is with a light smoke completely filling the area. Plus, it is a close up picture of the beam. (true 405nm violet color as well)

  2. I have a 6mp camera that exadurates the blu-ray beam like ALLOT. then i have another that it looks the same visualy and photographicly.

    im assuming due to filters of somekind maybe some cameras pick up 405nm light more “cleanly” than others.

    i completely understand why they would have said that now… thinking back… if i had stumbles across that photo 5 years ago, i would have either been like…WOW!!!!…. OR just like thunderbird.

    i guess there is a very small portion of the world that has even layed eyes on a REAL blu-ray laser.

    i had never even SEEN a photo of one until i stumbled across your pocket mini and 405-G1 threads ^_^ thats why i joined LPF actualy, remember?

    Peace J


  3. Nice Jay,

    Jay you helped me build my 8x BDR-203 blu-ray in an MXDL flashlight body and its amazing! I can’t verify for certain what its output power is as I don’t own a laser meter, but I’m told as mine is built is should be outputting over 350mW. Just wanted to lay rest some of the doubters here. Yes the beams do look that bright and intense, this pic is however “heightened” by the fact that there is smoke in the air. But rest assured the blu-ray lasers over 100mW are quite impressive especially so in a dark location.

  4. Thanks for the support guys!

    I did mention in the article that the beam shot is with smoke…

    I am so used to posting in a strictly laser forum, that I forgot that other public forums may not realize how far DIY lasers have come!

    Probably most don’t realize that you can light a match easily at 20′ distance with your build when focused properly…

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