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gps keychain navigation

With a user interface consisting of two buttons and a three digit display, the GPS finder guides the user back to a saved location. Nine locations can be saved for navigation recall. Press a button to save location and press another button to recall. Each switch has a secondary function, for management purposes such as memory indexes and power features. An AarLogic GPS 3A module and AVR microcontroller make up the guts. With the popularity of Geocaching, this would make an impressive trinket; Leading the hunter to an undocumented treasure.

7 thoughts on “Keychain GPS Finder

  1. Great project, I will build it, I intended to build something like this for a while and in fact already have a very tiny, very suitable GPS receiver specially bought for this purpose.

    Can you also share the ATMEGA88 Hexfile with me? I would prefere to first make it work with the compiled code before I start experimenting….

  2. Who can make me à tool that i can connect with my iPhone so that I can find mij things back. So here’s THE thing. THE thing you make shoul work all arount THE world. You have to log on in internet and than you can see were THE thing is. THE thing should be small. Like challenge? Greetings Peter-pim stolker she where’s my iPhone
    contact me on mij e-mail

  3. nice..
    now can someone figure out how to build a gps into a keyring digital picture frame?

    hint:- the mini 7 pin ones should fit with an added sparkfun chip antenna, and the frames that use a 1Mbyte 8 pin chip can be hacked by “spoofing” the data from a second chip to display arbitrary data on the inbuilt screen once the unit has booted.

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