Wide Angle Lense Mod For The ATC2K


For those that have them, the ATC2K action camera is a decent little piece of equipment. It is waterproof and can save video for roughly 30 minutes on a flash card. The viewing angle of the lens leaves something to be desired though. This has been remedied in newer models. [raalst] shows us how to modify the ATC2K to install a new, wider angle lens, while retaining the waterproof seal.  He also takes us through a necessary mod to ensure clear video under water since the new lens was not initially intended for it.  Just in case you are curious, he’s using his for hobby radio controlled submarine dives.

6 thoughts on “Wide Angle Lense Mod For The ATC2K

  1. Why not just replace that 5mm lens with a wider angle 5mm lens? Those things are cheaper and have less of a “I hacked it with a saw” look.

    Someone should have opened his camera and discovered what was in it before he started hacking it apart.

  2. I have one of these and I get almost 1 hour(52ish?) using a 2gb SD card, which is the largest supported card. I thought up a mod for this cam but haven’t had time – a mod for external buttons of some sort. The buttons on this cam are a pain in the ass and I can only imagine what it’ll be like when I have motorcycle gloves on.

  3. the URL was corrected and video’s of the measurements are added.
    I did take the thing apart, but for this hack it is not required. And the Jellylens costs about 5 bucks. I’m not sure how to replace the “5mm lens”
    but love to be educated. The lens of the cam itself is fixed to a custom casing which is hard to remove. The distance of that lens to the chip is critical. you you have to find exactly the same cover with a wide angle lens. I suggest you then simply buy the newer versions (ATC3K & ATC5K)

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