Laser Raygun Boasts 300mW, Hunts Klingons

Phasers come with two settings: stun and kill. [Luke] took this seriously when he put two Blu-ray lasers into a toy raygun. He picked up the toy from Amazon for about twenty bucks and set to work.

The laser diodes are both pulled out of a 6x BD-R burner, which we think is a pretty expensive source to scavenge from. [Luke] removed the toy circuitry, reusing the trigger, top switch, and battery pack. The two diodes are mounted on a swiveling carriage which is turned 180 degrees to switch between the two diodes. A boost driver converts the 3v from the batteries up to 7v for the diodes.

This is a skillful conversion and [Luke] should be proud. Don’t miss the video after the break and if you’re thirsty for more take a look at the last hand held laser we featured.

39 thoughts on “Laser Raygun Boasts 300mW, Hunts Klingons

  1. 300 mW is an extremely dangerous level of power for a laser. At that point it can reflect off of any remotely shiny object (or even the air) and cause eye problems if you don’t have eye protection. I can’t wait until somebody tries this “hack” and goes blind from it.

  2. @kirov: I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened. I cringe a bit everytime I see a vid like this. One can only hope that those that are inspired by these projects also read up on safety and understands just how dangerous these things are.

  3. really this is a hack? did the laser burn through the wall? no set a match alight? no there s a flashlight that can fry an egg. you should be improving shit so it is really dangerous.

  4. @Eraser: No, I mean “2 micron laser” (as in output wavelength) – 2 micron lasers are also known as ‘eye-safe’ lasers since they do not cause damage to the retina. They are, however not commercially available ( to my knowledge ).

    They’re not just for burning and looking cool. There’s quite a bit of science there as well..

  5. Since we’ve been on a ‘whining about safety’ kick the past few days: This guy ought to be concerned with skin exposure as well. There is a considerable amount of high-power UV light being emitted from one of these. Not necessarily good for you..

  6. In the vid he points it close to a picture with a glass cover and metal frame. To no avail I waited to hear screaming. The juke box could have blinded his ass to. =) Stunning, tazery, panicky blinding machine babble? Sounds awesome.

  7. Did anyone besides me notie that the first time he pulled the trigger, it would have self distructed [or blinded him] because he had turned on the red laser diode, which was pointed back at himself?

  8. Lol @ all the “you’ll shoot yer eye out kid” posts.

    (The laser hair removal ads are a little funny too.)

    If it ain’t a little dangerous…. well it’s just not as fun.

    Nice work.

  9. Hey, I am glad some of you like this hack! I am not some hack with a hack. I have been building & learning about lasers for many many years now. While using high powered lasers I always wear multi-wavelength protective eye-wear to prevent accidental eye injuries. It is nice though that so many of you have made the *Blind* assumption that I am so reckless. I would hate to see any of you try and cross the street in a major metropolitan area or dare to drive a car…Might be too dangerous for you to get through the experience.

  10. Gives a new meaning to “You’ll put your eye out!” If it is so lethal, why doesn’t the military use this technology to blind the enemy?

    The safety police on Hackaday are out in full force today! Don’t forget to wear a helmet when you go outside, a bird might fly into your eye.

  11. Dangerous for the eyes… wth? Wait, when did hackaday become a babysitter warning manual? Where’s all the fun if it’s not dangerous. Careful here, there IS a difference between danger and bare stupidity. (that’s why Darwin awards were invented)

    Pretty cool hack thought… useless; but cool nonetheless

  12. Do you understand the significance of this?

    This “Luke” person is attempting to reverse-engineer twenty-fourth century technology by using current twenty-first century materials. This is dangerous.

    I’m reporting this to the Starfleet Temporal Investigations Unit.

  13. ive been considering making a quad blu ray laser that condensed the beams to a center point and then had a 150-250(dvd burner i think) laser in the center but never had the money to do it or do it safely…

  14. gomer pyle
    The mills dont use these because there are international laws regarding the use of such devices in combat(ie: the same laws regarding chemical/bio wepons)
    Lazers are like aspestose for your lungs
    fuck with it and you will suffer, its just a matter of time
    (at those powers a 1/100 of a second will blind you permnatly)

    And finnally
    Dont look at lazer with remaining eye.

  15. @ITIL Prince: You are correct, sir. The STFU is no doubt investigating this “Luke” character.

    @Luke: Please stop what you are doing at once! Humanity is not ready for this technology yet. Starfleet will send you to the New Zealand penal colony if you do not comply.

  16. I love reading replies where everyone points out the dangers of using something new. This guy took the time to do something unique and did it successfully. And not being anything near Trekkie and finding this very interesting, I would say he did a great job. Do a search for lawn darts and see if you find a warning label before 1988. We certainly are breeding a bunch of pansies. Evolution weeds out the weak, let nature take its course.

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