Precision Erector Set Connects Multiple Cameras


Check out the exoskeleton that [Curt von Badinski] built for filming driving scenes. This extremely configurable wrap-around frame resembles a children’s toy from the past but allows an almost unlimited set of configurations. Five cameras simultaneous capture the driving scene. The current setup is used to shoot the television show 24.

[Thanks Robert]

13 thoughts on “Precision Erector Set Connects Multiple Cameras

  1. that’s one very cool mass of precision milling!

    and their camera truck is… a luxury sedan? i guess that gives a nice shot stability (those appear to all be hard mounts) and just a bit of natural body roll when turning or veering.

  2. emilio points out the apparent hard mount of the cameras.. wonder how they keep it from bouncing all around. seems like you would have to have some sort of steady-cam mount to accomplish smooth shots on rougher terrain.

  3. Having messed around with cameras in cars a little, for some reason bouncing around never appears to be a problem, even on moderately rough terrain. That’s on a (decent, but low-end) Canon SX200.

    Might be down to the internal stability control on the camera, or the suspension of the car. I’m not entirely sure.

    I can’t post the old video for various reasons but I’ll try and get a new one recorded over the weekend (can’t promise anything!) and post it here.

  4. Maybe I’m thick, but what is the point of this? It’s cool seeing the cameras there, but what is achieved by this? (I don’t watch TV, so I haven’t seen 24)

    The view switching around the car at teh end of the video didn’t seem really to accomplish anything. Is it just to get different shots of driving down a road?

  5. @”maybe thick rick” ;)

    You got it exactly right. It’s for “transitions” between scenes, car chases, and chroma-keying behind actors that are supposedly driving somewhere (but are really on a sound-stage).

    The multiple cameras are just to get more footage from more angles with less time and gas money ;)

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