Android 2.1 On Four More HTC Handsets

Tired of fighting Windows mobile on your HTC handset? Now you can fight a beta ROM of Android 2.1. [Slm4996] has put in a flurry of work over the last few days to get Android 2.1 running on the HTC Kaiser (aka AT&T tilt), Vogue, Niki, and Polaris. Right now everything except the camera and bluetooth is working but there is a bug tracker to help with troubleshooting any undiscovered issues. If you want to try it out but don’t want to flash the hacked ROM to your phone you can run it beside Windows Mobile by using HaRET.

Correction: The title of this post originally read “Droid 2.1” in error. We have corrected it to read “Android 2.1”.  [Thanks GuyFrom7Up]

14 thoughts on “Android 2.1 On Four More HTC Handsets

  1. What pisses me off is that HTC will bend over and let you slip a bit of Android into them, but the amount of begging and pleading that went on when people wanted to run Linux with the GNU OS over it just wasn’t funny.

  2. Got Android 2.0 running on my Tilt last week. Nice work, if not a bit slow. I turned off all animations, and it sped up a little.
    I have to choose between better battery life, or using my GPS and Wi-Fi, however. This will probably get fixed soon.

    Now I need to try 2.1. Sounds like fun!

  3. Some incorrect information here.
    An initial 2.1 build was posted by zenulator, initial drivers were posted by vilord just after. Than after completing the rewrite of the audio libs so the system would sleep properly I posted the 2.1 release linked in that thread on Jan 29th.
    slm4996 updates were to enable the wifi on the kaiser.
    While I’m pointing out that I made the working 2.1 release available, it’s important to always point out this would never be possible without the commitment of the lead kernel/driver developer DZO.

  4. I am actually running this on my AT&T Tilt or HTC 8925. Everything works great (except for the camera and bluetooth), only problems I’ve had so far is incorrect battery readings and that was a broken battery which was fixed by buying a $8 replacement online and the slowness between screens of 2.1, haven’t tried turning off animations, anyone have any recommendations for speeding it up? I know that the media scanner is running in the background (fresh install) but it should be done by now I would think.

    I would definitely stick to HaRET instead of flashing to NAND due to not wanting to take the chance of bricking my phone. Already did that once when flashing Hard SPL.

  5. True that, I actually donated like $5 to Martin Johnson(DZO). This is what made me actually upgrade to a actual android based phone, i’ve been playing with this on my kaiser(tilt) since the initial 0.8 builds (yes with sets of vertical tiles on the left and right), great project, thanks to: DZO, polyrythmic, mssmission, vilord, enatefox, etc…

    Something to point out, polyrythmic’s build is based off the awesome OpenEclair and supports 3D acceleration in 2.1, UNLIKE THE G1 RIGHT NOW!!!

  6. Hackaday Editors, I am the owner of the thread linked in the first post. Any reason why my comments do not appear when I submit them? 5th times a charm?

    mssimon is absolutely correct I did not build this rom. I have tweaked this rom and added my own bugfixes to make it better. I am in the process of building my own rom right now and it will be released as KaiserDroid 2.0.

    Thanks – slm4996

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