Xbox 360 Laptop More Laptop-y Than Ever

[TheTwoJ] and his friend built a laptop-form-factor Xbox 360. Their extensively documented process was inspired by [Ben Heckendorn’s] work. The result is a brick when folded up but a good-looking (albeit loud with 8 fans) gaming rig. There’s everything you would expect; LCD screen, integrated WiFi, camera, optical drive, and a full keyboard. These poor saps seem to have spent a portion of their student loan on the build but we understand how easy it is to let your budget get out of hand. They’re trying to recoup through eBay auction.

Take a look at the walk through after the break.  If you’ve got the spare dough, you can try your hand at this with our three part series on building an Xbox 360 laptop.


[Thanks Palmer]

30 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Laptop More Laptop-y Than Ever

  1. microsoft ro some other rich fucker should sell shit like this for putting in cars &shit. and NOT include a bright blue led shining in my face. i would add a little black circle of sheetmetal or plastic that you can spin around to cover the power button, protecting two things: the power button from being pressed when u dont want it pressed, and your eyes from that blue led.

  2. 7.3KWH… A car battery? More like a house or forklift battery (approx 300AH at 24v or 600AH at 12v). Typical car batteries aren’t even rated in Amp Hours (because they’re not meant to be deep cycled), but are undoubtedly less than 80AH.

  3. im trying to make a laptop. my friends xbox rroded, i fixed that, put some more efficient copper heat sinks, but now im stuck replacing some capacitors. what a mess. i got it to about half the size, without a case or screen.

  4. Can you send the procedures of how yoy built this amazing machine in great detail (if possible of course). My sole interest in this is to build this machine on my own. I have the details from benheck’s website but most of it is somewhat confusing to me or not in great detail.

  5. This is an excellent hack. Its also a giant “fuck you” to microsoft’s proprietary bullshit. i would like to know specifics on Speakers, screen, placement of fan(s), etc. Oh and specifically how the adaptor was modified. thank you

  6. omg sorry two of them gives you half an hour the voltage is 7.4 you need 2 to make 14.8 and then that should work (try bringing down to 13.5 thats my highest tested voltage or make sure you can return the system and you dont have any data on it

  7. Ok I have been to many websites,I do not have much money and the entire reason I wanted a xbox labtop is so I could play it in the car.I am going with a friend to florida and on the way I want to play the xbox labtop. PROBLEMS: I cannot mess with the wiring of the xbox 360 so I cannot hook it up to there car battery.Is there a battery that could possibly power an xbox labtop for at least 3-4 hours
    and can be recharged with a wall plug.If anyone could tell me where to find such a battery it would help me greatly.

  8. Since you are getting this message what you need to do is make sure your cable is plugged into your 360 and your laptop. Then go into the settings for local area connection and make sure sharing is turned off. Then go to the wireless connection has sharing disabled. Then you should be able to make the bridge

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