Hacking The MindFlex, More!

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Reader [Eric] sent us a powerfully informative, yet super simple hack for the MindFlex toy. Don’t worry, it’s not another worthless shock ‘game’, And it’s using an actual interface instead of the built-in LEDs.

With two wires for the serial protocol, and an Arduino, you’ll be able to view “signal strength, attention, meditation, delta, theta, low alpha, high alpha, low beta, high beta, low gamma, high gamma” brainwaves. While it’s not medical grade, it’s a lot more intuitive than previous interfaces.

The original intent was for a system called MentalBlock, but we’re wondering what would you do with brainwave data?

59 thoughts on “Hacking The MindFlex, More!

  1. Hey I have an OCZ NIA and I was wondering if it was possible to connect this to the arduino? I want to generate changing x/y values, however they don’t have to be accurate, they just have to fluctuate

  2. Hy, i’m very interested about your work. Have you think trying something interesting with the other part of the mindflex,the console?Have you tried to connect the PC with the console, to controle the ball with your PC?

  3. For all of those ppl that think this is a heart monitor (EKG) guess again. It’s a brainwave monitor toy that controls mechanical motors and relays. It’s better to call it EEG as it deals only with brainwaves and eye-blinks through skin resistance.

    Some possible applications if you know what to look for:

    1. A polygraph machine to detect deception. Have the subject look at photographs and ask them questions about what they are looking at. A deceptive comment has a different display than a truthful one. You’ll have to do base lines first to detect the difference between truth versus lies.

    2. A hands-free non-verbal wireless communication system. You have to “think” your transmission and replies by causing a cursor on a computer to move to a word or code on the screen and then think SEND (three quick eye-blinks). Something like that non-verbal system used in Star Wars where Lando Calrissian non-verbally called his cybernetic aide Lobot.

    3. A hands-free non-verbal artificial telekinesis application to make a toy remote control car move around the room with your mind only.

  4. I would give my quadriplegic son a brain car. People are using mind flex and arduino to control rc cars and a few are trying power wheelchairs so why not control one of those kid sized ride in cars?

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