Spark Plug Music


This is (video above) perhaps the most abstract way of playing sounds…ever. Yes, we’ve heard Hard Drive music and Obsolete technology bands, but [DJ Sures] brings us the first ever, spark plug instrument.

Much like Velcro and Teflon, the musical spark plug is claimed to be an accident. After testing energy use vs. spark power with his flare stack ignition controller, [DJ Sures] noticed that different frequencies could be produced. It was only a matter of reprogramming before death metal Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is heard. Now he just needs to refine it a bit and build a full stereo cabinet.

20 thoughts on “Spark Plug Music

  1. So the spark plug is acting as a weak audio transducer? BTW; Velcro was not an invention by accident. The inventor made note of something that nature invented, purposelessly set out to duplicate it in a useful way. IMO the invention by accident web page fails big time for several reasons, not a good reference source.

    @MS3FGX yes the vid info box says it’s twinkle twinkle, but admits the tuning is off.

  2. DJ Sures must be the only person who doesn’t know how TTLS goes. with that frequency range he’ll probably do better with Deep Purple’s Smoke on the water.

  3. since spark in sparkplug is phonetically identical to sparc, a trademark held by si international, it could lead to confusion among your readers and they could be let to believe that sparkplugs are manufactured by sparc, si.
    since you further mention “obsolete technology” and ẗhe word “spark” in the same paragraph, this has to be considered a deliberate infringement of trademarks.

  4. Also noteworthy is the fact that this is a form of spark-gap transmitter. It surely puts out a noisy but distinguishable signal across a wide range of lower radio frequencies.

    Turn on an AM radio to any frequency and you should also be able to hear the transmission!

    Even better: Connect it to a radial and broadcast your spark-gap music to the neighborhood.

    “Pirate Spark Radio station” lol.

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