Joojoo Alternative OS Installations

Joojoo hacks are starting to trickle in as non-fanboys get their hands on the iPad alternative. The custom OS forum for the device tells the tale of successful installs of Windows 7, OSX, Android, and Jolicloud.

So far the only one to have a how-to is Windows 7, but we’re sure that will change quickly. When Microsoft’s offering is installed on the device it get about four hours of use per charge which is fairly decent. We’d love to get our hands on one and try it out with Android but the $499 price tag is still a hurdle for us. We’re not saying it’s over priced, as it comes with a lot under the hood. Even at that price we think it blows the aPad out of the water.

[Thanks Andy]

13 thoughts on “Joojoo Alternative OS Installations

  1. It’s a great shame it only has 4gb storage, and no sd card slot. This is about the only thing stopping me from buying one now – once there’s an os on there, there’d barely be space for a single film, or even a small music collection. Especially without 3g, it doesn’t look that useful on the move.

  2. @ James

    Yes, that does seem to be a major problem. The only solution is to use a USB drive and you don’t want something always sticking out the side.

    I wonder if there’s room internally to add a USB hub and drive like I did with my EEEPC.

    I’m interested in getting one but I’m not sure I could drop $500 on a device I have to hack a proper OS onto and then have no convenient storage space.

  3. Doesn’t it have Wi-fi?
    Wi-fi enabled mini computer, small Linux install, remote view to access drives. Put that in backpack and away you go on an epic adventure with all your files remotely accessible.

    I tried to do something like this with my PSP + the web browser and a tiny PC, but i never got around to it due to not figuring out a decent way of remotely viewing it, or, in other words, i was too lazy to try the other method i came up with since the problem was file collisions with new screenshots.
    Of course, this was before i decided to hack it to see if there was any decent applications, might retry it now.

  4. “The SSD is upgradable; it’s a Mini PCIe SSD.”

    @Damian If you do some research you find out that it isn’t. It uses a very specific SSD that there are only like 2 manufacturers of. They are next to impossible to find and so far there has been no success in upgrading.

  5. Am I mistaken or did I read somewhere that it had a replaceable hard drive (as stated above) and had a sim card slot? Who wants to pay for three dataplans anyway? (home, phone, mobile compy)

  6. Picked up my JooJoo for 250GBP on Ebay. Linux OS implementation it comes with is dissapointing.

    Windows 7 fits on the standard JooJoo, but not much space. Hence I have 20Gb SSD and an SD card reader fitted and am running Windows 7 Ultimate. It is proving to be a stonkingly good tablet for round the house (PDF’s / Web) and in my plane (moving map and flight planning). The built in Bluetooth, Wifi, excellent 12 inch display and standard PC construction / architecture mean this is a hard act to follow.

    Performance is impressive (1.6Ghz Atom) and graphics are great for films (NVIDIA ION). All this with the standard 1Gb of RAM.

    A firmware update available via JooJooforum means multi-touch is working.

    Only the rotation accellerometer is outstanding. But I think I have a better tablet than ipad and (importantly) it runs the Windows software ( I need it to.

    Total cost of my project just happens to be very pratical and for a hell of a lot less wonga than an ipad.

  7. @Pete
    Hey Pete, I have ordered the Joojoo and I was wondering which SSD you did put into the it, because it seems that the SSD used is not a standard?
    Thanks in advance!

    Maybe you can send us some pictures?

  8. SSD packet ia marked:
    Silicon Power
    Which corrects my post as it is 16Gb. SSD was obtained via Ebay from JooJoo forum member.

    joojoo still running very well and I recommend Windows 7. Even without use in the house, it is great value and excellent navigation tool.

    Happy to share pics, but how to send / post?

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