DWex Watch Looks For Future Development

[FlorinC] sent in his DWex Arduino watch, with intentions for it double as an experimenting base. Inspired by the MakerBotWatch, it runs an ATmega328P, DS1337 RTC,and 24 LEDs to display the time. [FlorinC] tells us the (yet to come) case and strap will be similar to Woz’s watch to ensure airport security tackles him. As for experimenting, the PCB contains an ICSP6 and also an FTDI connector for those “other-than-watch purposes”. We’re not all sure what else could be done with a watch; we racked our brains and came up with a compass, but with the source code and Eagle files available maybe you have a better idea?

18 thoughts on “DWex Watch Looks For Future Development

  1. Am i the only one who thinks these watches are all stupid and ugly?
    Look at the size of it!
    None of the straps or housings made are decent in any way.
    I guess some people just enjoy looking idiotic

  2. really therian? how many digital watches were there in the 1800’s? I was always under the impression that they were fiddly fragile mechanical devices, that were hardly accurate unless you were Rockefeller rich

  3. Tv be gone. pulse oximeter, breathalyzer, blinkey light hallucinatory thing, strobe guitar tuner, tachometer, midi drum sequencer, bluetooth controller, tap tempo bmp counter. Ir secret messaging device, current probe, decibel meter. narrow band spectrum analyzer, rfid read and spoofer. personal data logger.

  4. @Justin:

    Yea, someone could do a whole variety of things with this if it were outfitted with an array of sensors.

    I, personally, like the idea of integrating some sort of 802.11 module with a TCP/IP stack, combined with a 16/32GB Flash chip for wireless NAS “in the pocket”(yea, I, too, cannot see this as a “wrist” watch)…

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