Star Trek Inspired Pocket Doors

Do you have enough confidence in your hacking abilities to build a project into the walls of your home? [Marc] used his skills to build an air-powered sliding door for his bedroom. It is similar to the sliding door you’d find on the Enterprise, two sections that slide nicely into the wall to let you pass. Although the picture above shows the internals, he followed through and ended up with a fully finished room that looks fantastic. A compressor in the attic provides the pressure necessary to move the door sections. It is automated, but uses a button press or keypad combination to run instead of detecting motion. Of course, since he’s using a PIC microcontroller to drive the system there’s always room for future changes. Check out how great the finished look is in the video after the break.

60 thoughts on “Star Trek Inspired Pocket Doors

  1. This is cool. It probably has finger grips for when the power’s off and you gotta get to a bathroom.

    Star Trek is cool… but I want those 1/4 second doors they have in star wars (coupled with the holodeck Door sound effect from TNG.)

    Talk about melon chopping.

  2. Just a note. As a contractor I install powered pocket doors often. The header IS A NECESSITY, as even if the wall itself isn’t load bearing to the main structure, it is bearing to the weight and use of the direct wall and door.Should it begin to sag, it will cause the door bottom to hit the floor and wedge, and you can only imagine the effect from there.n There are also other systems besides the air to accomplish this. My preference is the belt drive, uses a small dc motor driving a belt geared track mount. Almost as quiet, has safety stops for interference, and can be used if power is lost…..But, for someone who obviously has very little knowledge of the construction process and requirements, he did achieve something just making it work.

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