Xbee Controlled, Granite-wrapped Clock Travels Into Future

From the looks of it this clock is a couple of months ahead of its time. [Oscar] built the clock (translated) taking time to add a lot of goodies into the mix. First up, the parts you see include six large 7-segment displays for hours, minutes, and seconds as well as an LED marquee which can scroll messages. Inside there’s a temperature and humidity sensor for environmental feedback, and an Xbee module which allows for wireless computer control. Time is kept by a DS1307 real-time clock, which is read by an Arduino Uno, then pushed to the display by the pair of I2C addressable SAA1064 drivers. The whole thing was enclosed in four sheets of granite for the box, and a pane of glass for the front. We sure hope it’s well anchored to that wall. You can see it ticking away after the break.


59 thoughts on “Xbee Controlled, Granite-wrapped Clock Travels Into Future

  1. Yes, the US system is wrong and as for 911 I do have to remind myself it wasn’t the 9th of November. For work I have to deal with the USA, New Zealand and China so I always make it 3 Jan 2011 so there is never any confusion.

  2. I don’t understand how 2011-01-31 can be more confusing to read than 01/31/2011.

    But US will continue using retarded measuring units and date format, since habit is so much more important than common sense.

  3. All I have to say is that this is a nice clock, but holy shit, I didn’t realize that europeans were such dicks. Who cares how the US counts, measures, and records dates? This whole thread has to be one of the most ignorant I’ve seen on HAD in a long time. There are a lot of things I hate about the united states, including the arrogance of most americans, the back-asswards units of measure…I could go on for hours.. I can also honestly say that most americans don’t seem to care if they aren’t using the english language the way the british would like them to, and they don’t care that they write their dates back-asswards. Every time I read conversations like this one, it really makes me glad that I no longer live in europe. The culture I like, the arrogance I don’t. You might like your way better, your way may make more sense, America could be wrong, but holy shit, the whole world does not have to conform to your ideals or standards.

  4. Lets also remind ourselves that the only people who drive on the left (read: wrong) side of the road are British or are/were once part of the British Empire.

    Just because it’s different to you doesn’t mean its stupid. Be sure to check your own idiosyncrasies before criticizing others, you rot-toothed queen-shagging dandies.

  5. WTF is wrong with people? Personally, I find it easier to understand as mm/dd/yyyy. But almost anyone can understand it no matter how it’s written. It’s not going to make much difference if you put the month, day or year first. It’s still the same date!

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