Over-the-air FM Radio Gains Internet Control

[Old bit collector] is giving up control of his radio dial to the Internet. He combined a couple of Parallax products which now allow him to tune, adjust volume, and toggle the power for an FM radio receiver.

The setup is pretty simple. An FM receiver module is mounted in the breadboard seen above which helps to break out its control pins. Those are connected to a Parallax Spinnarette web server board. It’s auxiliary I/O pins are controlled via a web interface that he set up and plans to operate with the browser on his Android phone. But as you can see after the break, any web browser works as long as you know the correct address.

This is pretty good if you’re on a quest to make everything controllable from your smart phone. But we would love to use the concept to make our own streaming radio. You’d be able to tune in to all of your local stations from anywhere in the world.


8 thoughts on “Over-the-air FM Radio Gains Internet Control

  1. Hello Hackaday!

    It really wouldn’t be that big a challenge to open the router to the world, and run the audio back out to one of the many streaming services.

    The primary goal of operating my radio from the easy chair was accomplished. :)


  2. ‘ You’d be able to tune in to all of your local stations from anywhere in the world.’ – Isn’t practically every station already streamed online? And those that aren’t online probably aren’t worth listening to anyway.

    It’s pretty cool although it seems like a bit of an overkill.

  3. It’s true that a lot of radio stations are available over the Internet. However, coverage of a lot of sporting events is blacked out.

    I would never suggest violating the terms under which those events are broadcast (no rebroadcasting or retransmission in any form), but one could imagine that it might be nice to have a setup where you don’t have to be close to the spot in your house where you get best radio reception in order to listen to the big game.

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