Worried About Haloween This Year? Why Not A Giant T-Rex Costume?

Although some might note that [Jamie]’s creation could mistaken for a Velociraptor or even Allosaurus, his giant T-Rex costume/model is quite a feat of artistry. It stands at over 14 feet tall and 10 feet long. For comparison, the room that you see in the picture above measures 25 x 25 feet. If you happen to live in the Atlanta area, or are willing to travel, this costume is expected to make an appearance at Dragon*Con in 2012, so be sure to look for it there.

The whole thing is made from poly foam plank cut with a CNC router.  It also has a metallic support structure. As noted in the article, you could, in theory, cut all these parts out by hand. Persistence would be required though, since there are over 140 parts!

[Jamie]’s making capabilities are obviously quite advanced at this point, but he’s trying to expand them by winning a router in the Instructables Shopbot contest. If you like his creation, be sure to vote for him! Check out the video of this costume in action after the break.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3Cfp4OD0ME%5D

If you don’t see yourself winning a Shopbot any time soon, why not build your own (smaller) CNC router from a kit?

12 thoughts on “Worried About Haloween This Year? Why Not A Giant T-Rex Costume?

  1. If this is the same guy, he already debuted the costume at GMX in Nashville last year, and lost to yet another guy in a Master Chief outfit that looked like it was purchased online.

    If it’s not the same dude, then someone else ripped off his idea.

    1. Some Dude – I was definitely at GMX with it a few months back ;) The original plan was to have it ready for Dragon*con 2011, but didn’t finish in time. Look for us at Dragon 2012.
      Jamie Price (dino buider, and builder of BaR2D2)

  2. Um… while that is clearly a Theropod, it also is clearly not T. Rex.

    Judging by the claws it looks like an oversized Deinonychus or undersized Utahraptor, but with the sickle-claw mistakenly put on the middle toe of each foot instead of the inner, and the tail isn’t straight.

    With all that time and money put into an otherwise awesome project, it annoys me that this hacker can’t do 5 minutes of googling.

    It’s not like dinosaurs are BORING and are a pain to read about.

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