The Styharp, An Instrument Modeled After A Pig Sty

This is a first for us. We’ve never heard of an instrument modeled after a pig sty before. The Styharp, built by [Yann Seznec], for [Matthew Herbert] is meant to be a mix between performance and visual art. [Matthew]’s followed a pig from birth to the plate and made an album from the sounds he recorded. The project is called “one pig”. This would explain the reason behind modeling an instrument after a sty.

[Yann] started with a Gametrak controller, basically a reel of line connected to a potentiometer. He ended up using 12 of these, which each have 3 outputs. This gave him plenty of ways change the sound during the performance. You can see a little bit of him demoing it after the break.

4 thoughts on “The Styharp, An Instrument Modeled After A Pig Sty

  1. Why? I know musics quality s only determined by the receiver but who could like this, and HAD why is this tagged as a Game Controller. Not an awful idea for an instrument but it needs a lot of improvement in the sound department.

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