AuPod, The Solid Gold IPod Nano Watch



The 6th generation iPod nano makes a wonderful watch, but something milled out of aluminum doesn’t lend itself to more formal events. [Ted] liked the idea of an iPod nano watch, but wanted to kick things up a notch and fabricate an 18k gold iPod nano. It took 500 hours and $2500 in materials, but we’d say it’s worth it.

The new 18k gold enclosure for the watch was fabricated using the lost wax casting method. First, all the electronics and buttons were removed from the iPod, then a negative mold was made in silicone rubber. A positive wax mold was made with the silicon mold, and finally another negative mold – this time in plaster – was made by vaporizing the positive wax mold in a furnace.

[Ted] used two one-ounce coins as the source of gold for his nano enclosure, spun into the plaster mold. From there, it’s just a simple but tedious matter of cutting the sprues off, shaping, filing, buffing, and polishing. With a new leather strap, the iPod is reassembled in its new enclosure.

Wonderful work, and amazingly impressive from someone who doesn’t consider himself a jeweler.

4 thoughts on “AuPod, The Solid Gold IPod Nano Watch

  1. I really enjoyed this one. A very cool idea and wonderfully executed.

    I’m loving the new site by the way. Its not been running long and i have already seen some fantastic stuff.

  2. Nice metal work, although the leather band is pretty marginal.

    Seems like the guy knows what he’s doing (maybe a jeweler?) but man, all that toxic stuff and no protection, vent hoods, safety equipment, etc in sight.

    I wouldn’t use gold leaf on anything from the iCrap family let alone cast it in sold gold, but whatever floats your boat.

  3. I’m not much for one, but that one fantastic bling! I don’t know if the higher ups at Apple have seen this. If they have, they ought to give this guy a major recognition like free Apple products for life or something.

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