Predator Suit For Monsterpalooza Includes Over-engineered Shoulder Cannon


This Predator suit was premiered at this year’s Monsterpalooza conference. It’s nothing short of incredible. But the shoulder cannon is really what caught our attention. The thing is fully motorized and includes sound and light firing effects.

We saw a glimpse of what [Jerome Kelty] is capable of about two years ago. He was showing off an Arduino-based animatronics platform he put together for a Predator shoulder cannon that tracked based on where the predator’s helmet was pointing. But other than a video demonstration there wasn’t much info on the that actual build. This post makes up for that and then some.

A replica of this quality is rarely the work of just one person. A team of fans joined in to make it happen. After getting the molded parts for the backpack and canon from another team member [Jerome] set out to fit the support structure, motors, and control electronics into the space available. That meant a ton of milling, cutting, and shaping parts like the support arm seen above which integrates a servo motor into its rectangular outline. All of the controls fit in the backpack, with cables running to the helmet, as well as the cannon.

11 thoughts on “Predator Suit For Monsterpalooza Includes Over-engineered Shoulder Cannon

  1. I built the suit from the ground up, sculpted, molded, cast, paint and build. The backpack/cannon while a nice attempt, came up short on practical use. It weighed over 13lbs, and failed after its first use. It was more a static display than an animatronic prop. We have since improved greatly on the design and electronics

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