PlayStation 3 Analog Audio Out Hack


Here’s the scenario: You’ve got the rage to play som CoD (we’re more GTA fans but whatever) but the monitor you’re going to play on has no speakers. You can get a crystal clear image using HDMI, but getting sound is a different matter. What’s the fix? Crack open your PS3 and solder on some audio connectors.

[Paul] knew there is a special cable that breaks out analog audio. Like original Xbox hacking of ages past, there is now plenty of information online about the internals of these machines. He grabbed a copy of the A/V pinout and found the analog audio pins. After soldering on this pair of RCA cables he cut savaged a hole in the case and put the console back together. The machine he’s working with is a salvaged unit with no Blu-ray drive — he links to his past posts on the repair process. You may be thinking what good is it without an optical drive? Remember, this is the beginning of the Internet age… everything is downloadable.


34 thoughts on “PlayStation 3 Analog Audio Out Hack

    1. Oh I see. Didn’t have the $0.20 cable. Well I did once do something similar on an original xbox because I didn’t have the cable. Somehow I have like 20 of those ps2 cables, not sure where they all came from. Best not to ask questions about the magic box of cords, it somehow contains 10 of everything… Except the one you need of course.

      1. Was going to say the same thing…. I have loads of those cables from my 3 x ps2’s too.

        As for hacking the 360 one, I have the VGA cable which you can crack open so it fits in at the same time as a HDMI lead, giving you analog audio out too :)

        Fortunately monitors these days seem to be shipping with audio out (or at least headphone ) ports.

    1. Yes. Since I play with a PC monitor and speakers, and don’t need the video part of the cable, I personally made a little PS3 AV out to 1/8″ audio jack adapter. Much prettier solution than this.

  1. My only q is why not use the proper rca cable, the female one… Now he’s gotta go to the store to buy a female to male adapter/cable to actually be able to plug it into anything.. :(

    1. In the event Paul’s stash of cables has an AV /Component extension cable he’s good to go. I’m speaking of the one that’s most common since video game boxes started using RCA jacks for their output rather than RF. I don’t consider the speaker cable I use with my HiFi extension cables in themselves, although with the right connecter they could be used to extend a speaker cable run

  2. To all the naysayers, the ps3 cable is long and you end up with a end you don’t need (video). Also if you are like me you have no clue where your cable is (but know where a zillion and one rca cables are)

    I would be all about putting on panel mount female RCA connectors. It’s also a long weekend………

  3. While I’m not going to bust Paul for it; using pliers to rip out a hole is what many if not most people think of when they hear the word hack when not used in conjugation with computer hacking Evidently some commentators didn’t take the time to read Paul’s blog. How is it Paul’s fault that those who threw out the unit where so inconsiderate as not to include the AV cable? Hacking is running what you brung. not knowing what Paul has in in his junk boxes this may have been his best route at the time. Besides Paul can put the money saved towards a another or spare set of drills, assuming he owns a drill. :) when I can get back to hacking, I’m going to think twice about documenting it and posting it to the web. Particularly if I don’t use a pseudonym

  4. Even though I use the standard AV cables (that I have plenty of) and connect the right/left audio plugs to a headphone jack for private PS3 audio, this is a nice alternative for those who don’t have the extra cables, don’t have much cash, and since Paul’s PS3 was free, why not play around with it a bit, right?

  5. I’ve done similar hacks to add a VGA connector to an SGI Octane (most VGA-13W3 adaptors are wired for Sun rather than SGI) and a DE-9 connector to a MicroVAX 3100 serial port (couldn’t find MMJ cables on eBay).

  6. Seems like a lot of work. Do you not know you can do this without opening the PS3?

    1. Connect older analog RCA cables to the PS3
    2. In the PS3 settings choose Audio output to RCA rather than HDMI.
    3. Realise there was an easier method

  7. Some people come to hackaday and simply don’t get it. If all you can do is to shout along ” go get the proprietary cable dumbass” , I strongly suggest you take your smart iAss somewhere else. ( btw – frontpaged @ ps3hax )

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