NESPoise – A Nice Looking NES Clone

[Dave] tipped us about the latest project he just finished: a posable, desktop NES clone arcade machine. This idea came to be when its creator gathered a few bits and pieces he had lying around: an NES Retro Entertainment System (Retrobit RES, found for less than $25) and an arcade stick with its buttons. [Dave] then bought a 7″ car DVD screen (less than $40) and started a first standard arcade-looking design with OpenSCAD. As the first draft was relatively boring, he let it mature for a bit until he got another idea, shown in the picture above.

The final result is made of 3D printed PLA and varnished luaun plywood which gives the console a VCS style retro look. Many hours were required to 3D print the different parts using a Makerbot Replicator 2. [Dave] disassembled his Retrobit RES to layout its parts inside the case and  also replaced the original voltage regulator with a 7805 on a big heatsink. This may be one of the best ‘nintendo’ hacks we have received over the years, but there have been others that also take cartridges.

9 thoughts on “NESPoise – A Nice Looking NES Clone

    1. You’d just need to duplicate the display and controller, and run a wire between them to send the two. Perhaps have that as an option, if you plug a second unit into some socket on the device, it turns off the internal NES and just does that. You could have a teeny arcade! Since the NES control pad is serial, and the video is composite, you wouldn’t even need that many pins.

  1. Why did they go with plywood instead of hardwood? Are they going to treat it so it doens’t de-laminate and cover with something for artwork pretty? Would be nice if it had a controller portso you could hook in for two player along with av out (that disables the little screen when you plug it in) to get a big picture experience.

    And a 4/3 screen but I dunno if that’s possible. Pity lightgun does not work well o na flat monitor (oh well guess the lightbulb trick to the rescue huh?)

    All that said. I like this bit of work.

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