Electric Snow Scooter


[Dane] decided he wanted to make a rather large electric scooter, capable of taking him through even the most inclement weather — that’s right, even snow.

Well, after about 18 months of stop and go work it is finally complete — for now. It features an impressive 7kW brushless 3-phase motor, a massive lithium ion battery pack and more custom parts then you could shake a stick at!

The frame started out as one of those big push scooters from the 80’s, in fact, it is the same as the one shown in Macklemore’s Thrift Shop video (pic)! But since then it has had many a modification done to it — it looks as though the front end is the only part that wasn’t touched!

He’s got an incredible build log  his website, so if you want to build your own (you will once you’ve seen the video after the break), it’s a great starting point.

20 thoughts on “Electric Snow Scooter

  1. First off nice red arrow graphics department I see what you did there. second this thing is hella dope man. That is one slick piece of equipment there congrats I am envious.

  2. Disingenous to infer that it’s capable of being useful
    in snowy terrain. Not even close. The surface area and
    tread design, not to mention narrow concentrated point
    load footprint = you ain’t doing anything but spinning
    wheels in heavy snow.

      1. Pocket Bike rear ends/tires, and have 3 types of studded tires, screws, and two types of bolts. so probly like 110/50 6.5? guessing off hand, would have to look at it.

        First studs we tried, and that are in the videos. http://pxn.ca/images/Mosled/studs.jpg
        Second studs were overkill and many have ripped out, I’d use these in a field with loose snow. https://scontent-a-sea.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/480655_10151984259090449_188617459_n.jpg
        The third set seem to be the best, hex headed screws into the tire so only the hex part is exposed. Don’t have a good picture of those yet.

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr8_g9BJJ4U Minute in is a bit of a view…

        1. Please pardon my ignorance, as I live in a part of the US that does not get snow. But how do you go about sealing the holes in the tires where the studs are added? And if one should come out during use, do you end up with a flat?

          1. No ignorance ;) Automotive gooped an old tube, cut up as a inner liner, the I used wheelbarrow tubes because they are $2. Unless you get thick/dirt style tires where you just stud the knobs and create no holes through the tire.
            With that many holes, Slime only works for a few minutes and leaves a green trails anywhere you pull out from ;) It’s also water soluable. The cement type spray cans are a pain if you ever want to work on the tire again.
            So we line and tube them. Cheers!

  3. Makers, hackers, builders, people who know which end of the soldering iron gets hot – PLEASE leave your lame ass musical taste off your demo video. Silence is golden, better yet, do a simple voice over that EXPLAINS your product.

  4. To be completely honest, I’m most impressed that the vimeo video runs embedded and without many clicks.I guess vimeo got their shit together then? Or is it something else? Something that I did locally?

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