This Space Saver Puts The Squeeze On Your Keys


Keys? Who needs them? Well, pretty much everyone. You can’t deny that there are some ridiculously crowded key chains out there. It’s clear that [Robb] wanted to hit the other side of that spectrum when he started working on his latest multi-key project.

The term “multi-key” may be a little misleading as there are more than just keys on this tool. In addition to the bike lock, locker, work and house keys, there is a USB drive, bottle opener, screw driver and a couple of Allen wrenches. The side frames started out as part of an Allen key combo set; one not of the highest quality.  The Allen keys started snapping off during use which left [Robb] with a set of otherwise useless side frames. These became the platform of which [Robb’s] project is based. Adding a couple new bolts, nuts and a few modified keys got him the rest of the way there. A lot of thought went into which items to put into this tool and [Robb] explains his thought process in his step-by-step instructions.

The simple nature and potential for customizing makes this a great utilitarian DIY project. Although this may not be Janitor worthy, it will certainly consolidate some of the bulk in our pockets.

30 thoughts on “This Space Saver Puts The Squeeze On Your Keys

    1. We have talked about this sort of thing on hackaday before. The consensus was putting car keys on something like this will make your ignition switch fail over time. Since USB connections are less robust, I would expect the same. I’d bet that it is the drive that fails before any port though. That is something I have seen firsthand when one was connected to a lanyard and it was pulled out by it. There was a very quiet click (or probably crack) and poof went the drive.

    2. It’s been done. I’ve seen the key handles filed down and installed in baby multi-tools like this:
      The weight on the USB connection IS a concern, especially with the heft of the image in this article. USB specs do have some information about the required force able to withstand, which according to this: is 8 Newtons of force for a microUSB A; I havent been able to locate the matching information for a standard ‘A’ like that thumbdrive.

      1. And followup: The CooKey, ImAKeys, etc don’t use a full proper USB ‘A’ end, so the heft is more of a concern because the plug doesn’t have the outer shielding metal to help hold it in place. I’ve loved mine, but I switched to the Kingston DataTraveler instead for my keychain thumbdrive. MUST smaller overall outline, but about twice the thickness of the LaCie options and the solid aluminium for a much better impression of strength and durability, AND it’s shorter, so if it hangs from a USB, the force isn’t so far away from the fulcrum holding it in place. Gravity gets less leverage.

    1. Cheap U-locks that use the angle-wafer key style (that he has) have bound up on me and required significant force after little use, to the point of eventually shearing all their keys. I gave up on U-locks because of this, and now use a chain lock that uses a pin-tumbler key.

  1. I lost my keys for almost 4 years, they showed up right when they found Osama. Elated X2! The Navy issue flashlight was still good. Had to replace everything in the mean time.

    Do not attach any work or hobby things to your keys! Keys only take a tiny bit of time to use and secure. Any session with a tool or light requires one to get into the task and the keys go along for the ride, really bad in a group work detail. No fun dropping your keys in the drink or an engine. Most of those multi-tools are hard on clothing and pocket linings. Definitely lighten up what’s on the keyring. I use 3 small rings held by a fourth, the 3 rings separate the work and home keys. It’s compact in the pocket but easy to finger sort in the dark with one hand.

  2. I think this is great! I have one I made about 6mo. ago just like it. I Live in Europe and I wanted to get aKeyport but the cost and differences in keys made it a no go. I added my big car key on one side and left me tons of room for a NFC door opener, a shopping cart slug (rental of cart) and other items. It is not the best soltion, but much cheaper than store bought and better than key rings.

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