Super Mario On A Human-Machine-Interface!

super mario

Getting Super Mario to work on your TI-83 calculator is almost a rite of passage for young geeks, so we really liked this project where [Chad Boughton] managed to get it running on a PLC’s HMI screen instead!

He’s using a Danfoss DP600LX microcontroller with an HMI display along with a CAN bus joystick. This kind of equipment is typically used to control hydraulic systems, as well as display sensor data — [Chad] was curious to see if he could do animation with it as well — it looks like he’s succeeded! The funny thing is we’ve seen those “joysticks” before and it’s cool to see them used for something like this — like [Chad] said, they’re normally used for actuating hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

Stick around after the break to see Mario eat some mushrooms.

There’s almost too many Mario hacks to mention here, so we’ll just pick  a few — Ever heard the Mario theme song played on a laser cutter? It’s as awesome as it sounds. And for a true Super Mario veteran… can you play it backwards?

3 thoughts on “Super Mario On A Human-Machine-Interface!

  1. Impressive!

    There was a situation where I worked (previous employer) were a person fed a machine (OK, that’s pretty common). I never implemented it, but it would have been cool to have a stacklight that “powered up” as the operator didn’t miss parts, and see who could get the high score or whatever. The speed was set based on what a particular operator could do, so that could even be controlled by this game.

    Not sure if that would be a motivator or not. Never implemented anything like that.

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