Feed That Shoulder Boom Box With A Wrist Tune Transmitter

Next time you’re strutting down the block with that hi-fi on you shoulder, don’t subject yourself to the limitations of a radio station’s tight playlist or the short run time of a cassette tape. Pack your tunes on your wrist and beam them directly with this wearable FM transmitter. No wires… it’s like the future is now!

The Raspberry Pi has proven itself to be a dependable FM transmitter. This project follows in those footsteps but moves the goal line a few leaps further. The build has a full user interface which will make it easy to adapt to just about any application you can imagine. And the added twist is shown in the latter third of the video after the break. [Navic209] has included a microphone in the design which allows the wearer to transmit voice to an appropriately tuned radio. It gives the device a very Dick Tracey-esque feel.

13 thoughts on “Feed That Shoulder Boom Box With A Wrist Tune Transmitter

  1. Velcro -check
    Rubber band -check
    USB dongle -check
    Actual functionality -holy moly check!!
    This has everything that a good hack should have and more.
    Looks cool and fun.
    (Just take it off before you wash your hands)

  2. And yet for under £10 you can walk into tesco and buy an FM transmitter which works just aswell as this, takes less battery power, is smaller, stereo and generally an all round superior device for alot less money. I’m not seeing a hack, I’m just seeing a total waste of a raspberry pi.

      1. The commercial FM transmitters are often deliberately crippled. The limitation can be removed, typically by doing nothing more than installing a jumper or cutting a trace. And optionally boosted further with a decent antenna. You may then again be breaking the law, but at least now it’s with a cleaner signal with less harmonics; and therefore less likely to cause interference, which may get you noticed. And it’s higher quality stereo audio, with proper pre-emphasis. Even radio pirates should have some ethics and standards.

  3. Yeah! Let that harmonic crap get into the military air band and wait for black helicopters.
    There are kits and plans to raise the power of a car radio type transmitter to the same or city-wide levels, and they are stereo hifi and relatively non polluting.
    At least pass the output thru a (pun) pi filter of 2 or more nodes.

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