Astronaut Or Astronot: The Final Round Is Over

For the last few months, we’ve been asking the community for their thoughts on what the best projects are in the 2015 Hackaday Prize. We’ve also been giving away some fabulous prizes to people who have voted, and we just wrapped up the last round of voting? Did anyone win? Check out the video below.

No, the randomly selected person on didn’t vote, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s going home empty-handed. I selected three random people who did vote, and they get a free t-shirt from the Hackaday store.

Who’s getting the t-shirts? [Jana Marie], [revanantwraith], and [Brent Ross]. Go congratulate these folks.

We’re less than a month away for the first cutoff for the Hackaday Prize. If you’re thinking of entering a project in this year’s Hackaday Prize, you should do that now. Entries must be in by 1:50 PM, PDT. on August 17, 2015. That means you have under a month to come up with a project, put four project logs up on, and shoot a video. There’s already a lot of great projects in the running, you can check them all out here

3 thoughts on “Astronaut Or Astronot: The Final Round Is Over

  1. “No, the randomly selected person on didn’t vote” seems a bit passive aggressive to me.
    I found the voting system too cumbersome and impenetrable to figure out. I like(d) Hackaday for the information,
    not prizes.

    I’d like to come here to increase my knowledge levels, and maybe be inspired to participate.
    Instead I feel like teacher is telling all of us off for poor attendance and a failure to apply ourselves.

    Perhaps it would be better give the prize to one of the genii who bothered / understood how to play?
    Then we could read a happy blog post that would not make us feel like we’re attending this blog wrongly?

    1. It’s really not that hard. Vote, have a chance to win, don’t vote, end up not being in the running. The poor HAD folk have had nothing but flack for giving stuff away. You don’t have to play if you don’t want to.

      Thanks HAD for running this. It has been a fantastic experience for me and I’m sure countless others. Best of luck to everyone in the prize!

      1. If they’ve had “nothing but flak”, this may be a sign that many people have not enjoyed the experience,
        I’m just using the comments section to give feedback, which can also be ignored!
        Apologies my feedback had to be negative – longtime HAD reader, just airing my views.

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