Waking Up Is Easy With This Bed Ejection System

Waking up is hard. Beds are just so darn comfortable when you wake up… which is precisely why you need to upgrade your bed with one of these. Made by the only guy we would trust to create such a device, [Colin Furze] has really upped the ante on his projects — he calls this one the High Voltage Ejector Bed.

Sponsored by a coffee company, [Colin] really went all out with this project — and if this is the future of marketing for products — count us in. The bed uses two massive pneumatic cylinders to flip the bed up on its end, not unlike a dump truck — or as [Colin] would put it, a lorry. The all-metal frame must have cost a pretty penny — but this thing looks like it’ll last forever — after all, he’s also an expert welder.

Stick around after the break to see it fling [Colin] into consciousness.

And even more fun than seeing it in action is seeing [Mr. Furze’s] fine attention to detail and craftsmanship in the build video. He spared no expense on this thing!

Of course this isn’t the first time someone’s actually made this crazy method of waking up a reality, apparently this guy has been using his for years since he’s a heavy sleeper!

33 thoughts on “Waking Up Is Easy With This Bed Ejection System

    1. How is it at the first sight of this posts photo, I instantly (after seeing the walice and grommet reference) thought, “Now, I bet that’s Colin…” and what do you know, there he is :D

  1. “The all-metal frame must have cost a pretty penny — but this thing looks like it’ll last forever”
    It looks like it is made out of aluminium, which has no cyclic limit, so it will not last forever. But it is light so I’m sure that is why it was chosen.

    Look at the image on this page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatigue_limit the blue graph is steel and red one is aluminium. Aluminium you can bend backwards and forwards a billionth of a billionth of a millimetre and eventually it will always snap, this is not the case with all other metals.

    If you want a part to fail eventually, aluminium is the material of choice, but it has so many other good properties, this is low on the list of negatives.

      1. Considering that metal fatigue isn’t even an issue until an aircraft is 30 – 50 years old, and they are inspected regularly for it, I think you can relax. You’re far safer in an aluminum aircraft than you are in a steel car.

    1. 10^9 cycles (from the graph referenced by [Truth] above) divided by 365 equals almost 3 million years. I think the bed will last long enough before fatigue sets in. Yes, I know that the aluminium is down to about 1/3 of its strength by 10^9 cycles, but it will probably outlast Colin, even if he has a nap every afternoon ;-)

  2. This doesn’t seem really practical in real life. Sleep with your pants half-on, hoping not to move while you sleep, to then be nearly ejected from your bed while having your feet stuck in a tangled mess of pants and bedding, tripping and then ending up smashing your face on something nearby ;)

    What I’d like to see is some DIY beds frames with controls sort of like an hospital bed. You’d probably need a specialized mattress for use with it, but it could benefit sick people. Those beds are quite expensive really (especially good quality ones).

      1. Not a bad idea I guess. Right now I have a DIY bedside system so my sick daughter can signal me she needs assistance, sort of like what you see in hospitals but with 3 buttons/LEDs on her end (for 3 priority levels), and lights/alarm in my bedroom. Cheap $2 arduino clone + $1 nrf24l01 because that was quick and dirt cheap (sure, you could code it from scratch, make your own PCB and all but for a one-off quickie like this it’s not worth it)

  3. As if people just sleep in that one position. A fall from the fetal position…fatal!?
    i have always heard such “alarms” go off anyway. Why wake up to any negativism.

    1. That is why he sleeps with his safety tie!
      On-topic not everyone moves in his sleep, I move and turn a lot but my brother in law is described as toetanchamon while he sleeps. He will wake up in the exact same position he was in when he fell asleep (mostly on his back).

      Fun fact, in the Netherlands there was a lawsuit between two matrass makers. The two launched a marketing campain about comfortabele matrasses. The first one that would not let you let you turn for a comfortable matrass because you were already comfortable. The other let you turn really easy because being in the same position all night was unhealthy. I have no idea who actually won but I believe both are not aired anymore.

        1. Gee, it’s tough to tell. It’s almost like Tutankhamen is an anglicization, unless you think that hieroglyphics were actually the Latin alphabet, and thus it would be localized differently in a language that’s pronounced differently! Wait, no, that’s too obvious of an explanation. /sarcasm

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