Cooking With Shop Tools: Most Dangerous Breakfast

Cooking an egg with a lightbulb

In a rather comical video, [Dom] and [Chris] of [ExplosiveDischarge] show us how to make a full English breakfast — without the use of a kitchen.

We’re talking eggs, bacon, ham, hash browns, and baked beans. Without the use of a single cooking element. Some of the methods were expected, like using a clothes iron as a portable grill — which is a great life hack by the way, especially when you’re at a hotel and just happen to have a package of bacon and nowhere to cook it… Or using a blow torch to flame-broil a perfect sausage — with the clever use of a drill-powered rotisserie using a variable power supply to adjust the speed!

We think our favorite is the cooking of an egg using a light bulb though — and yes, they did wear safety glasses.

For other shop cooking hacks, why not caramelize some sugar with your laser cutter? Or toast (and cut) your bread at the same time, using a hacksaw bread knife hooked up to a low voltage / high current transformer! And who could forget, boiling water for your tea using a freaking pulse jet engine.

10 thoughts on “Cooking With Shop Tools: Most Dangerous Breakfast

  1. The sausage could have been cooked quicker and more effectively if they made it a part of a mains circuit (we do that here in America). Downside-the higher mains voltage overseas might cause a problem (I’m imagining exploding sausages) so a variac might be in order…

  2. I worked at a big box store and it’s stuff like this that used to get employees sick. During company “parties” they would grab the 5 gallon bucket, a paint mixing paddle and a drill to mix things like eggs, pancake/waffle batter and the like. A sheet of metal roofing or flat sheet metal laid on top of a couple of gas space heaters turned upwards created the griddle. I’m amazed to this day they spent that kind of money on the gas. The whole th8ng was just filthy. Coal miners ate out of cleaner equipment than those dumb asses.

    I took great pains never to eat that shit. We were required to partake so I always gave mine away or threw it out when management wasn’t looking. I was usually one of the few not to be vomiting the next day.

  3. I’ve Reheated pizza in a kiln. It was in cool down cycle after dad did a cast. It was around 900 degrees C in there. Took 7 seconds. Any more and the pizza burns then catches on fire. ;-). Was perfect. Crispy on the outside too!! Yum.

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