Hackaday Prize Entry: PICs And Arduinos, Cats And Dogs Living Together

Half of our little corner of the Internet complains about the Arduino, how the pin headers of the Arduino standard don’t make any sense, how the Arduino IDE is rubbish, gives well-reasoned arguments why the Arduino language is hindering the next generation of embedded programmers, and laments the fact that everything is commoditized into Arduino-compatible packages. The other half of our little corner of the Internet uses Microchip PICs.

[Jarrett] is stubborn, and he wants to use a PIC with the distinctive Arduino pin layout. Thus was born PIC-On-The-Go. It’s a PIC18F4520 in the familiar goofy-pin package, made specifically for everyone who just wants to buckle down and get some work done.

This isn’t the only PIC-become-Arduino board out there; the Fubarino is a great board that speaks Arduino, but that doesn’t take advantage of our favorite Arduino shields. Either way, we’re surprised something like [Jarrett]’s project doesn’t exist yet, making it a great entry for The Hackaday Prize.

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11 thoughts on “Hackaday Prize Entry: PICs And Arduinos, Cats And Dogs Living Together

  1. I wonder, why [Jarrett] used 18F4520 instead of one of the newer PICs? There is for example PIC18F45K50 (which I just plopped on perfboard, added some headers and I use it for USB work), with Arduino-like Pinguino: http://wiki.pinguino.cc/index.php/PIC18F45K50_Pinguino
    I like the idea of making board compatible with Arduino shields. Of course it was done before, for example with ChipKIT, but I can’t recall any 8-bit PIC board in Arduino shape..

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