ESP8266 GoPro Remote Adds Buttons, Screen

Last year we featured a GoPro camera remote by [Robert Stefanowicz] that was built around an ESP8266. [Robert] has been working hard on improving this project, and has just released version 2, which adds a screen and multiple buttons. These additions allow the remote to become a two-way device: you can use it to monitor the status of the GoPro, keeping an eye on things like the battery level and the current video mode.

[Robert] decided to make his own PCB to do this, so it’s also a good intro into the stinky art of PCB etching. He isn’t finished yet, though: he is looking to expand the project further by controlling more features on the camera using the third button on the remote.

11 thoughts on “ESP8266 GoPro Remote Adds Buttons, Screen

  1. I would really like to see some Progress on using the WiFi remote mode of the camera, rather than the wifi app mode. WiFi remote mode would let you control more than one camera at once. As I understand it, the remote itself acts as the WiFi host, and the camera connects to it.

  2. Thats a great project!
    I think about adopting it to control a GoPro knock off. Right now there is no remote available for the SJCAM5000+ besides of the App. Therefore it should be possible to use the same schematics.

  3. Hi there
    My understanding is that you use wifi as a remote control that view the data in GoPro camera in GoPro app. So esp8266 make AP web server, would it be possible to just only transfer the data from esp8266 via wifi to any phone app or gopro app?

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