Laser Cutting A Bread Knife

What started out as simply a question of whether or not they could… [G2AS] decided to try making a laser cut serrated bread knife — out of plastic.

Now from a distance this may look like they just took their laser cutter and cut out the pattern of a knife, with a jigsaw edge. But no, they actually laser cut a jig which allowed them to cut the serrated edge on an angle, creating an actual sharp edge. It’s quite the setup, but a pretty awesome result.

From just wondering if they could or not, they moved on to develop it as a simple product to share with the world — they’ve posted all the design files and instructions on how to make your own!

It’s really quite amazing all the things you can do with a laser cutter. You can build just about anything using a laser cutter and Delrin sheets — you can etch color into parts with a simple technique, and how about using laser cutting as rapid manufacturing of folded acrylic parts?

[via r/DIY]

19 thoughts on “Laser Cutting A Bread Knife

    1. Yes, the terrorists of the world were just sitting around reading HackaDay, wondering what they were going to do about that problem and along comes a solution that they had never thought of before…

      FYI: plastic and ceramic knives have been around for ages. This isn’t a new thing, simply a new method of construction.

      1. You are completely right of course in your amusingly put post, but one thing though: I hear they put metal (particles I guess) of some sort in commercial ceramic knives to make them detectable, and I’m not complaining – this time :)

  1. Plastic cutting board, plastic blade… that man obviously loves to be surounded by plastic – and also in his food. Also, that handle of the blade is designed so angled, that you can only cut things on the edge of the table if you dont want to crimp your fingers. Good Job.

    1. In the food? The tiny pieces that can come loose isn’t a problem – just like it isn’t a problem for metal or ceramic knives.
      And the design… You may think it isn’t practical but that your opinion, for most uses it really is and better ergonomically than some “designer” knives I’ve seen.

    1. I seem to remember Colin Furze created a knife that toasts as you cut.
      I’d quite like to see a laser knife. The blade acting like a light pipe. Maybe scanning a focused beam rather than spreading it would be the way to go.
      Three or four high power laser diodes. I think wicked lasers did a 1W hand held laser a couple of years back. There high end version is probably upto something around three Watts now.

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