Turning An Angle Grinder Into A Belt Sander

Faced with a project requiring a lot of sanding, [George] had two options. Suck it up and buy a belt sander — or re-purpose a tool he already had to do the same job. He chose the latter, and turned an angle grinder into a belt sander.

Part of a series called Make It Extreme on YouTube, [George] built the entire project from scratch using raw materials. Using a lathe he created the aluminum rolling dowels the sanding belt will sit on. He pressed bearings into them, and then welded up a frame using scrap steel to hold them apart. He’s even added a spring-powered tension device to ensure the belt stays on.

As for mounting the angle grinder in place, it couldn’t be easier. It slides in between two metal guides, and attaches using the threaded hole for the angle grinder’s handle.

We love re-purposing power tools for different purposes. For instance, did you know you can carve wooden balls… using a circular saw?! No circular saw? Build one yourself then!

23 thoughts on “Turning An Angle Grinder Into A Belt Sander

  1. Most Makers/Hackers have so many QUALITY projects in the queue that there’s no time or money for this kind of BS.

    Besides, you can buy a belt sander for what he paid for the bearings, alone.

    1. Repurposing objects is an important criteria to determine qualities of a project.
      To my view, repurposing has more to do with hacking than assembling parts already designed to fit together. The first is about creativity, while the later is more like painting by numbers.

      By 2050, many elements from the periodic table will become unavailable on Earth. Hackers will eventually have to include repurposing concepts in their design solutions. The ones who think this way today will be the ressource people of tomorrow.

  2. Luv It Great job. Luv the over kill… But.

    I just got out of bed grabbed my coffie and came down to my computer and when I first saw the picture ( with blurred eyes Form drinking last night.) I thought It was some sort of tank. And I was trying to figure it out in my fuzzy mind.

    Then it hit me. What a over kill. With 60 grit paper that could fill a 100 x 100 room with dust in no time as long as you have anuff wood.

    Great job. ( Still buzzed from last night. Great time.)

  3. MAG welder? check Cutoff saw? check Die-grinder? check Lathe? check Cordless drill? yup Drill press? nah… what the hell dude? Even the chinese ones make much better holes then the hand held cordless drill…they are well worth the investment, seriously…
    Also – complains about price, opens a Makita catalog in EU…c’mon…

    Last but not least – bashing ball bearings with a steel hammer – no. That’s just barbaric, please don’t do that. The bearings will be thankful as well. Get a chunk of brass or stay with the block of plastic.

  4. Wow, so much hate for no good reason. I have to wonder how many of these haters have ever built a power tool for their own shop before. Probably none.

    If memory serves, there is an entire community of people, including my own father, who have built their own power sanders. Just sayin…

    Great build.

  5. fair enough on a funny build BUT how many 1/8th bits does he snap per day? looking at that flex and the general use of tools; infact how does he still have fingers. enter the comment police

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