The Auto-Bartender

It’s the end of the academic semester for many students around the globe, so here comes the flurry of DIY projects. Always a great time to check out all the cool hacks from our readers all over the world. One project that piques our interest comes courtesy of [Jason Ummel] and his Auto-Bartender. (Video, embedded below.)

[Jason] developed this project as a part of his robotics class taught by Professor Martinez, one of our friends at FlexiLab. Powered by one of our favorite microcontrollers, the ATmega328, the Auto-Bartender is driven by a single 12 V motor coupled with 10 individual valves for separate drinks. Drinks are pumped into a cup sitting on top of a scale, allowing the device to know how much of each drink has been dispensed. The entire setup is controlled using a smartphone application developed in MIT App Inventor, a super-easy way to prototype Android applications.

Furthermore, [Jason] incorporated a number of user-centered design considerations into his project. These include an LCD to display updates, a green LED to indicate the device is in progress, and a buzzer to let the user know the drink is complete.

We really like the combination of craftsmanship, electronics hardware design, and software development that [Jason] put into his project. It’s the kind of project we know our readers will enjoy.

It looks like Jason substituted tap water for Whiskey and Dr. Pepper for his demo. Not exactly what we had in mind, but I guess he still has exams to finish.

Cool project [Jason]! We can’t wait to see Auto-Bartender on

Bottoms up!

9 thoughts on “The Auto-Bartender

    1. Most homes don’t pipe alcohols and sodas through their pipes, genius

      I don’t see how this dispensing mechanism is accurate. After switching drinks, there’s a ton of the previous liquid in the main line that continues into the drink. Pretty poor design

    2. ah yes, you have the water pipe, the gas pipe, and the good old orange juice pipe running right into the house. I’m so glad that all of these things are completely normal

  1. Don’t forget that a lot of booze is flammable. If you are ever in the area, take the Jack Daniel’s tour. Mt friend just about burst into tears when he heard and than saw them using their product that did not meet their strict QC standards to ignite the wood they use to make their charcoal. Admittedly the stuff they bottle is watered down a bit but still you are playing with flammable liquids.

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