Begin Your Day On An Uplifting Note With A Daily Affirmation Mirror

We’ve seen dozens of “Magic Mirror” builds around here, most of which display all sorts of information — calendar, weather, news. They’re great builds, but they tend to be a bit busy and don’t really inspire a calm start to the day. But if you’re good enough and smart enough, you can build this electronic affirmation mirror, and doggone it, people will like you.

[Becky Stern] stripped the magic mirror concept down to a minimum with this build and uses only an array of 14-segment alphanumeric displays to scroll uplifting messages. The glass she used is partially reflective, and when covered with black tape on the backside, with a small portal for the display, it makes a decent mirror. The displays are driven by a Trinket using static affirmations stored in the sketch; a microcontroller with a WiFi connection could also be used to source affirmations on the fly. Or, you know, stock prices and traffic updates, if you’re not into the whole [Stuart Smalley] thing.

So what about those aforementioned magic mirror builds? We’ve got large ones, small ones, retro ones, and even kid-centric ones. Take your pick!

16 thoughts on “Begin Your Day On An Uplifting Note With A Daily Affirmation Mirror

  1. I’ve seen this show, it starts out all positive, but soon you’re answering questions from a kid on a c64 and then you’re wondering the streets with a shopping card.

  2. If you put the first image and the YouTube still you get

    Failure is From Within ..

    Thats not very uplifting :lol:

    I have a Magic mirror in my family room – I had to remove the affirmation texts its was just a bit wierd

    1. I don’t believe I’d qualify the quotes appearing on this mirror are propaganda, and I don’t believe they’re all over the creator’s house. Psyches I question are those that criticise the ways other people keep themselves motivated.

    2. While it is true that a *LOT* of ‘affermations’ are self-delusion–‘You are important’, there are those like ‘Never overestimate who you are nor underestimate who you could become’ that ring true and are actually helpful reminders of reality.

  3. I don’t know about this exact technique but I have been listening to affirmations for about 8 weeks now and they seem to have had a noticeable effect on me. I listen to the ones about happiness on this site: they are free to listen to as many times as you’d like. They have really seemed to make a difference so I have been reading up on affirmations lately and saw this.

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