Sunshine In A Bag

Ultraviolet (UV) curing lamps are crucial if you have a resin 3D printer or work with UV adhesives. Some folks line an old Amazon shipping box with foil and drop a spotlight somewhere inside. Other folks toss their work under the all-natural light source, Sol. Both options have portability and reliability problems, but [AudreyObscura] has it covered with a reflective mat lined with UV strip lights. This HackadayPrize2020 finalist exemplifies the ideal that good ideas are often simple, and this has a remarkably short bill of materials.

Foil bubble insulation is the medium because it provides structure and reflectivity, but it doesn’t cooperate with the LED strip’s adhesive. [AudreyObscura] demonstrates that masking tape as an interfacing layer makes everyone play nicely. A fine example of an experienced maker, their design covers bundling wires and insulating connections to keep everything tidy and isolated. With different arrangements, this can form a tunnel lit from above, a chimney lit from the walls, or you can drape it over some scaffolding.

If you need something a little less portable for your own shop you might consider a mirror-filled chamber. One nice touch to add is a turntable to help make sure the entire part is cured without any missing areas.

7 thoughts on “Sunshine In A Bag

  1. White pvc pipe is UV degradable, not that it wouldn’t last a few years. (Aluminumized tape could be added, or outdoor paint.) The grey, for electrical conduit, handles UV. “Just a few pennies more,” considering how little is required. Choices…
    Many glasses block 95-99% (?) of UV. Ok for a minute, perhaps.

  2. You know I might have thought of putting UV LEDs on bubble insulation but when the LEDs failed to stick I probably would have given up cause I would have never thought of using masking tape as an intermediate layer, that’s really clever, I’ll have to store that away for future use.

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