Toilet Paper Warmer Is A Unique Chinese Luxury

[Handy Geng] lives in Baoding, China, where average winter temperatures can get as low as −7.7 °C (18.1 °F). Rather than simply freezing in the cold when using the bathroom, he decided he could do better. Thus came about his rather unique toilet paper heating system.

The build uses a gas burner heating up a wok. Toilet paper is fed into the wok body via motorized rollers salvaged from what appears to be an old counterfeit money detector. The wok is then shaken by a second motor in order to more evenly heat the toilet paper within. The burner can then be turned off, and the lid of the wok opened in order to gain access to the toasty toilet paper.

The system heats the toilet paper to a scorching 75 °C (167 °F); a little too warm to comfortably touch, but thankfully toilet paper doesn’t have a lot of thermal mass so cools off relatively quickly. It’s also thankfully well below the auto-ignition temperature of paper of 451 °F.

It’s a noisy, clanging machine that nonetheless provides the same warmth and comfort that you’re probably more familiar with from the office photocopier. It’s not [Handy Geng]’s first bathroom hack, either. Video after the break.

Thanks to [Adam Quantrill] for the tip!

32 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Warmer Is A Unique Chinese Luxury

  1. When I was a kid, in winter the toilet paper hung with the toilet seat on the wall next to the door, right beside the woodstove. You’d grab both on your way out to the outhouse. (Yes, back then we were civilized enough to have toilet paper, and nobody hoarded it.)

  2. Has he considered installing indoor plumbing? That way when he heats his house, the toilet paper is heated as well. ;D
    All kidding aside, it’s a unique solution to the problem.

    1. Another of his recent videos has a toilet with an air compressor that would blast the toilet bowl clean.

      Make you wonder where he does most of his thinking, maybe he doesn’t have a smartphone.

      1. PS: that wasn’t in any way meant to be derogatory. I have shown my son some of his videos as he has both a great skill with metal work and quite artistic abilities. I do however have concerns for his eyesight later in life.

        1. His mech thing really worried me tbh. It was very unstable under acceleration & braking. If/when it tips you can’t even get your hands up to protect your skull at all.

          Not trying to hate on his projects! I just cringe imagining it tipping backwards and tragically whipping his wonderfully creative brain onto the concrete. I wanted to jump into the screen and strap a helmet on him.

          1. He is definitely doing much more than I will ever do, but that mech.

            It has tracks, but he put on “training wheels” to stabilize it which basically defeats the purpose of having that tracks.
            And yes, the center of mass is much too high.
            I understand maybe he mounted the motor high for clearance maybe, but it didn’t matter any ways since he have those training wheels.

    1. So the moral of that story is that wise men have dirty bottoms but fools don’t?

      A truly wise man uses a word-processor to process his thoughts and wipes his bottom with the failed prints… but beware of the edges… they can be sharp.

    1. More useful, but less fun to make or even watch a video about unfortunately. He does have the energy to make most things interesting however lol

      I bet the revenue from this video will go towards something he needs though.

    1. Oh, decades ago, I rented a drafty farmhouse during a colder than usual Winter.
      When I rented it in Spring, I noticed the pink padded toilet seat and thought it was something intended for fat women. But, later, on those cold mornings, it warmed up quickly when I sat on it.

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